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Review of Piomed MG 1 Tablet
Good medicine, It lowers the blood glucose magically.
Review of Sustimax Tablet
GREAT drug!!! sexual stamina and ejaculatory control is greatly improved. The only problem is finding it from a reputable pharmacy.
Review of Cital Syrup
Suffiring from stone in stomach 8mm and other small, kindly suggest for the same mobile : 9819970708
Review of Nozuka Af Syrup
It is very good and works very fast.
Review of Ctd T Tablet

Are Drug Interactions Serious?

Are Drug Interactions Serious? The primary purpose of taking medication is to make our lives better. Medical drugs are supposed to reduce pains and aches and to help the body repair damaged tissue, cells, bones, and tendons. But these drugs can sometimes…

10 Actions to Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Action 1: Take Responsibility for your health Taking responsibility for your cardiovascular health is a challenging undertaking that sometimes requires an overhaul of the lifestyle of the individuals concerned. However, the first step is for you to whole-heartedly embrace prevention and take full…

Why is Skipping Breakfast A Terrible Choice for Your Health?

Why is Skipping Breakfast A Terrible Choice for Your Health? Many people think nothing of skipping breakfast as they rush to their daily duties. But breakfast cannot be ignored without a price on health. A study was conducted in India among 186 participants…

The Importance of Monitoring your Blood Lipids

The Importance of Monitoring your Blood Lipids  Excess cholesterol can definitely increase your risk of developing heart disease. People of any age bracket need to take steps to keep their cholesterol levels normal. High cholesterol has no signs to alert you that it…

Why Does Daily Exercise Reduce Risk of Heart Disease?

Why does daily exercise reduce risk of Heart Disease? Physical activity is something that each one of us does on daily basis. But the difference is in the degree to which each one experiences exertion from that physical activity. What exactly is exercise? The…

Reduce Stress to Lower Your Risk Of Having Heart Disease

Stress causes increased inflammation in the body and leads to an overused immune system. Both lead to significant risk factors for heart disease. Urbanization and other forms of development in India have thrust the general populace into a fast-paced existence, which brings with…

Pick Your Alternate Medicines Wisely

Pick Your Alternate Medicines Wisely People everywhere are inquisitive about and interested in alternative medicine probably because patients want to feel they can take responsibility of their own health instead of relying on the conventional doctors’ instructions and suggestions alone. It is also…

My Doctor Told Me I have Type 2 Diabetes, What Do I Do Now?

My Doctor Told Me I have Type 2 Diabetes, What Do I Do Now? When a person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes they need to embark on an immediate lifestyle change in order to self-manage the illness. It is extremely important for…

Be Informed about a Plethora of Medicinal Drugs on the Market

The importance of raising one’s awareness on drugs available in the market. Do not believe everything you hear.  The medical community is a constantly changing and evolving community due to new techniques leading to new scientific discoveries of different medicinal drugs. In order…

The Adverse Health Effects of Sleep Deprivation

The Adverse Health Effects of Sleep Deprivation The World Health Organization regards sleep as a basic human right that is essential for good health, quality of life and good work performance during the day. However, not everyone gets enough sleep. Indicators for describing inadequate…