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Tuberculosis patients in an Indian mega-city: Where do they live and where are they diagnosed?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 -- by Ramnath Subbaraman, Beena E. Thomas, Senthil Sellappan, Chandra Suresh, Lavanya Jayabal, Savari Lincy, Agnes L. Raja, Allison McFall, Sunil Suhas Solomon, Kenneth H. Mayer, Soumya Swaminathan Objective Tuberculosis (TB) is a major source of mortality in urban India, with many structural challenges to optimal care delivery. In the government TB program in Chennai, India’s fourth most populous city, there is a 49% gap between the official number of smear-positive TB patients diagnosed and the official number registered in TB treatment within the city in 2014. We hypothesize that this “urban registration gap” is partly due to rural patients temporarily visiting the city for diagnostic evaluation. Methods We collected data for one month (May 2015) from 22 government designated

Tuberculosis drug may work better than others in its class

Thursday, August 17, 2017 -- Computer simulations suggest moxifloxacin outperforms two other drugs when doses are missed.