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Health analysis by this device will be wholly based on sweat.

A new wearable device can analyze sweat to monitor the health

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A wearable device has been developed by the researchers and engineers at the Northwestern University in Illinois, USA to monitor and diagnose the health issues through sweat.

The research stating about the device’s development was published in the Science Advances Journal on January 18th, 2019.

This is a new generation device which has the ability to examine sweat on the skin. It generates real-time information about the wearer’s health. This chemical sensing device is cheaper, lighter and comfortable to wear.

According to the research, this ultra-smooth device can give actual statistics about the wearer’s glucose, pH, sweat rate, lactate, and levels of chloride. You can analyze the level of diabetes, cystic fibrosis, dehydration, or a lack of oxygen with the help of such physiological information.

This device has minuscule holes in its base. These minuscule holes come in contact with the sweat naturally.

The complex network of tiny valves of device directions the sweat into its reservoirs. Each of its reservoirs has a sensor that responds with a chemical like that of lactate or glucose in the sweat.

The key architect of this device and a biomedical engineer at Northwestern University in Illinois, John Rogers said, “You put it on and forget it’s there. It’s almost like a second skin, completely non-irritating and bio-compatible.”

Yonggang Huang one of the developers of the device said, “The sweat analysis platform we developed will allow people to monitor their health on the spot without the need for a blood sampling.”

The researchers from around the world were working for about 15 years on this technology. There are some similar devices but many lacks in smoothness while few just show mechanical metrics.

Many devices use electric sensors to analyze the chemicals. But this newly developed wearable device gives all the necessary data and comes in a battery-free and wireless form.

In the year 2017, another team of researchers also developed a flexible, wearable sensor. It also analyzed chloride in the sweat to screen for cystic fibrosis. But it didn’t prove best in its approach as it was powered by a battery.

Dr. John Rogers and his team of developers have been testing this new device. The analysis of this device is in its later stages. The major aim of this device is to help people who are suffering from diabetes. They can easily track their glucose levels using this ideal device.

It will not have needles to screen the diseases. Its analysis will be wholly based on sweat.

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