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According to the study, 80 percent of women are more likely to die after aortic surgery.

Aortic Surgery Can Be Destructive to Women

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The new studies revealed that women undergoing any type of heart surgery are much likely to develop devastating complications or could even die.

This study was published in Circulation journal on 13 Feb 2019.

The Aorta is the main and largest artery in the human body that connects the heart to the lower body. It can sometimes bulge or tear, that could cause fatal internal bleeding. The researchers have done a comparative study to examine 1700 Canadians men and women who underwent aortic surgery.

According to the reports, even going through the exact same procedure to fix their aortas women are 40 percent more likely to suffer from severe complications than men. 90 percent of the women are more likely to have a stroke while 80 percent are more likely to die after the surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Chung, the study author and a surgeon of University Health Network’s Peter Munk Cardiac Centre in Toronto said, "We controlled for patients' age, weight, pre-operative health, co-morbidities, and when we took all of that into consideration, going into aortic arch surgery, you're slightly less than twice as likely to die if you're a woman."

Dr. Chung also said, “This helps us understand that surgery shouldn't be the same for men and women and that we must educate ourselves about picking up symptoms in women sooner, our take home is that we need to do more research."

Another study-author Dr. Michael Chu, a clinician-scientist at Lawson Health Research Institute, said, “Sex-specific considerations are paramount in cardiovascular medicine, and we investigated this in the largest study to date, looking at outcomes after thoracic aortic surgery. “

Additionally, he said, “Similar to other areas in cardiovascular medicine, our study suggests women present later in the disease process perhaps with atypical symptoms, like nausea. This may explain the difference in outcome between women and men in emergency situations when patients experience something like an aortic dissection or a ruptured aorta.”

A team of Scientists is now researching to find the reason behind this. According to them, women have a fragile heart and blood vessel tissues as compared to men. Therefore their surgeries need to be personalized according to their body. However, more research needs to be done to acknowledge the consequence of the disease and its effect on either gender.

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