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Autonomous food delivery is expanding every day

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Technology is progressing faster than the imagination of people. When someone imagines about a new innovation, chances are it is already in works and the perfect example of this statement is the Autonomous food delivery by GM cruise. Self-driven cars will be delivering food to the homes of people. Who would have thought of that?

GM Cruise is a driverless American car company that was founded in the year 2013. It aims to build a safer and more efficient world by creating autonomous driverless technology.

GM Cruise is in works with DoorDash to bring you your meal from the restaurant to your home. Although robot driven food delivery isn't new it will be the first time it is being taken up by GM cruise.

GM Cruise and DoorDash made an announcement that selected areas in the San Francisco area will be trying autonomous food delivery. The restaurant name wasn’t specifically disclosed but in all probability, it will be Pizza Hut, who has worked with driverless technology before.

In December 2018, Zook became the first autonomous vehicle company to receive permission to drive passengers around in California. Zook is a bit like Google’s spinoff self-driving company Waymo. Both companies have safety operators on the front seats. So a driverless car without any operators has not started yet.

PepsiCo on Thursday announced that it will be introducing snackbots in universities. The robot named “Hello Goodness” can be used by students to buy snacks.

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