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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is proved to be effective in about 50% of anxiety cases.

Big Health Introduces Daylight to Help Anxiety Issues

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A new app developed by Big Health called Daylight can now help people with anxiety-related issues.

Big Health, is a mental health startup based in San Francisco, California. The company provides personalized behavioral therapy programs to help people overcome mental health issues.

Big Health recently announced its second service - Daylight. Daylight is an app which can help people suffering from anxiety-related problems. The company claims that this will be a new approachable way to address worry and overcome barriers in an effective helpful manner.

This mobile app is a digital therapy which lets you talk and understand your goals and challenges. As the company says, this will also help by guiding you through proven strategies to reduce anxiety and worry.

The techniques suggested by the app are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and also in collaboration with leading anxiety experts from Boston University, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Texas, Austin and Oxford University.

The app responds to how you are feeling and provides help whenever and wherever you need. This app is created by filmmakers, producers, designers, and animators. The company claims that the app provides a real experience of the human voice to give you a visual and audio experience which is upbeat and lightheaded.

Peter Hames, CEO, and co-founder of Big Health says, “With anxiety and other mental health issues causing distress to millions and costing trillions worldwide, widespread access to effective solutions has never been more critical.”

Hames also says, “By combining the expertise of world-leading scientists, animators, and storytellers we’ve been able to develop digital therapeutics that respond to the human, emotional reality of these problems. We are excited about the potential for Daylight to help many more people back to good mental health.”

Previously in 2014 Big Health had launched its first product Sleepio. Sleepio is a digital personalized sleep improvement therapy. According to Big Health, this program delivers proven practical techniques to meet your weekly sessions and help sleep better.

This program is available to more than 12 million (1.2 crores) people worldwide including the Hartford, Boston Medical Center and the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS). It is a fun and effective way to improve sleep.

Recent studies have shown Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to be effective in about 50% of individuals in all types of anxiety. Digitally delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can lead to improvement in worry, anxiety, and quality of life.

According to Hames, Big Health addresses the widespread problem of facing mental health care like the lack of resources for everyone. He believes that most people who need help with anxiety and worry do not get it. With Daylight, it is a step towards providing a solution.

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