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Over the past few decades, there has been a loss of fertility and reduction in sperm quality of men and dogs.

Chemicals in Home Can Degrade Fertility in Men and Dogs

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According to a new study published by the researchers of the University of Nottingham, chemicals and environmental pollutants at home decreases the fertility of men and pet dogs.

This new study has been published in the Scientific Reports on March 4th, 2019.

For over the last few decades, the loss of fertility and reduction in sperm quality has been reported by the researchers worldwide. The sperm quality of domestic dogs has also deteriorated by over 30 percent. All of these happenings brought it to the concern of researchers and they started searching for the responsible factor that is present at home.

The research was started by examining the chemicals named the common plasticizer diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) and an industrial chemical polychlorinated biphenyl 153 (PCB153). The effect of both the chemicals was studied in detail.

The DEHP is found in various items that are present at home including wires, toys, carpets, clothes, floors, etc. However, PCB153 is present in some food items but its use is banned across the world now.

To carry out further investigation, the team of researchers collected the samples of sperm. These sperms were given by the donor men and stud dogs that were living in the same area of the UK. The degenerated sperm quality was found in examined men and dogs when the levels of the chemicals were high in the environment.

Richard Lea, a lead author of the study, said in a statement, “This new study supports our theory that the domestic dog is indeed a 'sentinel' or mirror for the human male reproductive decline.”

He added, “Our findings suggest that man-made chemicals that have been widely used in the home and working environment may be responsible for the fall in sperm quality reported in both man and dog that share the same environment.”

According to one of the researchers of Nottingham of a previous study, a study on dogs has represented that the chemical pollutants can have a damaging effect on sperm functioning. The new study has successfully tested the dangerous effects of two major environmental pollutants such as DEHP and PCB153, on both dog and human sperm.

As a result of getting in contact with the contaminated environment, the sperm motility and increase in DNA fragmentation were recorded. It is very well known that human male infertility is associated with increased levels of DNA damage in sperm.

It can now be said that the progression is similar in pet dogs too. This is because of the same domestic environment and exposure to the same household impurities. The similarity in the process also means that the dogs can be a perfect model for any future research.

Another researcher of the study has also stated that environmental impurities largely depend on the location and one’s exposure to industrial pollutants and the chemicals present in the environment. In the future, the researchers will be reflecting their studies on how the region where an individual spends life affect the quality of the sperm.

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