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Coffee contains a mixture of compounds that can be both harmful as well as good for our health.

Coffee Consumption Can Cure Prostate Cancer

By Kanika  •  

The researchers have found that the compounds present in coffee may impede the growth of prostate cancer cells. This work is presented at the European Association of Urology congress in Barcelona .

The research of this work is based on a study published in the journal The Prostate. According to the researchers, coffee contains a mixture of compounds that can be both harmful as well as good for our health.

The study highlights that the compounds Kahweol acetate and cafestol which can be found in the coffee are responsible for impeding the growth of prostate and other types of cancer. These compounds are hydrocarbons which are normally found in Arabica coffee. It depends on the coffee-making process whether these compounds remain in coffee after brewing or whether they get filtered out.

The experiment was conducted on a mouse model and on drug-resistant cancer cells in cell culture (i.e. in a petri-dish). Initially, the experiment was done on six compounds that are normally present in coffee, in a petri dish.

The researchers found that prostate cancers cells when treated with the combined Kahweol acetate and cafestol, grew slower than others. The researchers then tested kahweol acetate and cafestol on 16 mice. Among these 4 were treated with Kahweol acetate compound, 4 with cafestol, 4 were controls, and the remaining were treated with the combination of Kahweol acetate and cafestol.

Dr. Hiroaki Iwamoto, the study lead from Department of Integrative Cancer Therapy and Urology, Japan, said, “The combination seemed to work synergistically, leading to a significantly slower tumor growth than in untreated mice.”

He also said, “After 11 days, the untreated tumours had grown by around 3 and a half times the original volume (342%), whereas the tumours in the mice treated with both compounds had grown by around just over one and a half (167%) times the original size.”

Professor Atsushi Mizokami from Department of Integrative Cancer Therapy and Urology, Japan said, “These are promising findings, but they should not make people change their coffee consumption. Coffee can have both positive and negative effects (for example it can increase hypertension), so we need to find out more about the mechanisms behind these findings before we can think about clinical applications.”

These compounds are scientifically easily available and with further investigation, it can be useful for the treatment of tumor cells. According to the researchers, more research is needed to be done before implementing this on humans.

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