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TAK-003 is based on a live-attenuated dengue serotype 2 virus.

Dengue Vaccine Candidate Proved Effective in Preventing Virus

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Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited has announced that its new dengue vaccine is proved to be effective and efficient enough to immune the body against dengue and its four serotypes.

On 29 January 2019, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company announced that the first analysis of Tetravalent Immunization against Dengue Efficacy Study (TIDES) trial showed that its TAK-003 vaccine was effective in preventing the mosquito-borne dengue fever.

The company’s investigational live-attenuated tetravalent dengue vaccine i.e TAK-003 can effectively prevent any of the four serotypes of the virus.

The TIDES trial is Takeda’s largest interventional trial till date. It enrolled over 20,000 healthy children and adolescents aged 4 to 16 years. The kids chosen were from dengue-prone areas.

The study was designed to find out whether the vaccine was effective enough to fight and cure dengue in both types of people, the one who were prone to dengue and those who were not.

TAK-003 is based on a live-attenuated dengue serotype 2 virus. It is the ‘backbone’ or the base for all four vaccine viruses.

“We are very encouraged by the performance of our dengue vaccine candidate in the study. This brings us one step closer to helping the world tackle the massive burden of dengue,” said Rajeev Venkayya , M.D., President of the Global Vaccine Business Unit at Takeda.

He added, “We are excited to publish the data in a peer-reviewed journal as quickly as possible. In parallel, we are advancing the clinical development, commercial manufacturing, and stakeholder consultations to support a potential future global launch of the vaccine.”

According to World Health Organisation, about half of the population of the world lives under the threat of dengue fever virus. This virus is estimated to cause over 400 million (40 crores) infections and 20,000 deaths globally each year.

Due to this large number of people affected by this virus, the need to find a permanent way to fight this virus has become more important.

The company is working on getting approval first from the countries that are more prone to dengue rather than the US or Europe.

Usually the reviews from these developed countries are considered definite and are used as benchmark by other countries. Hence, Takeda is trying to work more with the other countries that can provide better reviews for the vaccine.

The data from Phase 1 and 2 of the study shows that TAK-003 provides protection against all 4 dengue serotypes, in both seropositive and seronegative people. Also, the vaccine is found to be all safe and well-tolerated.

The TIDES trial is still processing and more results for the same are expected to be released by the year-end. Also, the other results from the Phase 3 studies are also expected to be out by the same time.

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