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ProAir Digihaler a bluetooth-connected inhaler keeps your medicine intake in check.

Digital inhaler is coming to the market

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ProAir Digihaler has got the nod from the FDA to start marketing its digital connected inhaler. ProAir Digihaler is a digital-connected inhaler that has sensors. The device sends data over Bluetooth to its companion mobile app. The sensors within this device can detect the usage of the device and the strength of the inhalation. This data is then made available on the app to help users ensure that they are taking the right amount of the medicine.

Inhalers are commonly used by asthma and COPD patients to deliver medicines directly to the lungs. Such digital inhalers solve a major problem with inhaling medicines. A lot of people do not use inhalers properly or may use them too often. It is often hard to use an inhaler because there are no visual signs that indicate the amount of medicine that was used. Such a digital inhaler would enable the patient and their doctor to see the usage of the inhaler, ensure that patients are inhaling medicines properly, and thus help patients better manage their ailment.

The ProAir Digihaler has been made by Teva Pharmaceutical, an Israel based multi-national pharmaceutical company. The FDA had earlier this year approved Adherium, which is a smart sensor that can be attached to existing inhalers to track the usage of the device. ProAir is the first digital inhaler that comes with built-in sensors. The app is not yet available in the Google Play or iOS Play Store. We will update this post once app-store links are available.

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