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Women who have fried chicken or fish every day can have a 13 percent higher death risk.

Eating Fried Chicken Regularly is Linked to Higher Death Risk

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A new study done on postmenopausal women in the United States shows that daily consumption of fried chicken or fish increases the risk of death.

This research was published in the medical journal BMJ on January 23rd, 2019.

The women who have fried chicken or fish every day can have a 13 percent higher death risk. The study has revealed that restricting the consumption of fried foods such as chicken and fish could be better for public health.

This study was conducted to show the relationship between mortality and fried food consumption. The previous research discovered the association between an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes or heart disease and the higher consumption of fried foods.

One of the studies done in 2017 found that having fried potatoes in a week increases the risk of premature death in comparison to those who have healthy food.

The lead author of the study, Wei Bao, an assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Iowa, “We know fried food consumption is something very common in the United States and also around the world. Unfortunately, we know very little about the long-term health effect of fried food consumption.”

Jo Ann Carson, science volunteer and past chair of the nutrition committee of the American Heart Association said, “There is a growing body of evidence on heart disease and its association with dietary patterns from different parts of the world.”

Carson further said, “Previous research has told us the traditional Southern diet, which is known for fried foods, is not ideal for optimal heart health and this study helps break down why that may be.”

The team of researchers examined the food habits of nearly 1,07,000 women. All the participants were between the age group of 50 and 79.

After the enrolment of women in the study, a food frequency questionnaire was asked. It included the questions about consumption and portion of 122 food items. The team also calculated the other factors such as income, education level, overall diet, and total energy consumption.

The daily consumption of fried food increased 8 percent risk of death due to all the causes including heart-related death in women. To be more precise, fried chicken consumption had 13 percent death risk. However, eating fried fish increased heart-related death to 7 percent.

As per the researchers, this new study is applicable to men as well. The rise in threat could be due to high sodium in food which results to a higher risk of mortality.

However, the new findings of the new study are not applied globally. It is possible that people might have diverse frying or eating practices at different places. The research does not show any relation between eating fried food and mortality due to the use of olive oil in Spain.

There are many reasons why fried chicken and fish could be unhealthy. The increase in fat content and high temperatures can result in the production of trans fats along with other compounds that can be harmful.

A dietetic advisor, Lynne Garton said that this study is an interesting step. According to the study, the women who had more fried foods were found to be unhealthy.

The continuous intake of fried foods ends up in the eating of more calories. It also increases fat and salt consumption. But the healthier cooking methods including grilling or roasting of food at home can create big differences for better health.

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