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There will be 5 centers at Level I, 25 at Level II and 55 at Level III, built at an estimated cost of ₹534.64 crore.

Establishment of 85 Trauma Care Centers Approved

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The government of India aims at establishing 85 new trauma care centers near state and national highways in the 12th five-year plan.

To improve the number of fatalities in case of road accidents and upgrade the emergency services of the hospitals ‘The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’, India had launched a scheme - “Capacity Building for Developing Trauma Care Facilities in Government Hospitals on National Highways” in the 11th five-year plan.

Now in the 12th five-year plan, the government of India aims at extending the scheme and building 85 more trauma centers across the country. According to details provided, there will be 5 centers at Level I, 25 at Level II and 55 at Level III, built at an estimated cost of ₹534.64 crore.

The funding would be shared between the state and the center in the ratio of 30:70 while in north-east and hill states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir, it would be in the ratio of 10:90.

The objective is to reduce the number of accidental deaths by 10% by building new trauma centers so that no patient has to be transported for more than 50 kilometers and a designated trauma center is available at every 100 Km.

Along with this, effective treatment within the first hour of the injury, ambulance support at every 50 km, ambulance for inter-facility transfer, integrated communication network, skill training to doctors, development of National Injury Surveillance System & Trauma Registry will also be ensured.

These trauma centers will be established in government hospitals, near state highways and national highways, especially in the accident-prone areas. These new centers would be identified on highways connecting two capital cities, connecting major cities other than capital cities, connecting ports to major cities or Connecting industrial townships with the capital city.

State governments have prepared the State Action Plan to establish more Trauma Care Facilities. Some states have also identified the locations and have included them in their State Action Plan.

The detailed description of the layout of the trauma centers has been provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in the operational guidelines pdf of Capacity Building for Developing Trauma Care Facilities on National Highways.

In India, 53 cases of road accidents happened every hour in 2015, out of which 17 were killed. In 2017, as said by India Environment Portal, a total of 4,64,910 road accidents happened out of which, 1,47,913 accidents claimed lives.

Out of these, 30.4% of accidents took place on national highways. And mostly, people between the age of 18 and 45 got into the catch of these accidents. Tamil Nadu had to face the maximum number of accidents i.e 65,562 in 2017 whereas most of the fatalities happened in Uttar Pradesh.

The program was applied as a pilot project in 9th and 10th five-year plans. It was then named as “Pilot Project for strengthening emergency facilities along the highways”. In the 11th five year plan, its name was changed to “Assistance for capacity building for trauma care for up gradation and strengthening of emergency facilities in government hospitals located on National Highways”.

Due to the establishment of 116 trauma centers in 11th five-year plan, up to 3% reduction in road accident deaths was measured. It has been reported that deaths from road accidents have been reduced from 1,50,785 deaths in 2016 to 1,47,913 in 2017. With the establishment of more TCF’s, the government aims at achieving a further reduction in injuries or deaths due to road accidents.

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