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According to study, people who had been always active were 30-35% less likely to have died due to any disease or health cause.

Exercise Can Help You Live A Longer Life

By Sonam  •  

A study reveals that exercising later in life can help gain longevity benefits of working out even if people have not worked out before. This study was published in JAMA Network Open on 8 March 2019.

We all know that doing regular exercise helps keep the body fit and healthy. In people who do not exercise or have left the habit of working out regularly, the healthy benefits automatically vanishes.

However, in the study, the researchers discovered that it is never too late to start exercising and gain longevity benefits. The study reveals that it is an on-going cycle which helps gain health benefits related to one’s exercising habits.

According to the study even if a person begins to exercise in their midlife, they can still rapidly gain the longevity benefits of working out. The study also found that if a person stops exercising, the same benefits tend to disappear.

The current study is based on the data and results collected from the N.I.H.-AARP Diet and Health Study. The present study consisted of data filled out by the participants from the previous study from 13 years before.

The N.I.H.-AARP Diet and Health Study was done in the year 1995-1996, consisting of thousands of participants between the age group of 50 and 71 years old. During the study, the participants were asked to fill out a series of questionnaires related to their physical activities done in their life span.

The researchers categorized people on the basis of their exercising habits and if they had changed over the years. There were 3 types of categories. There were people who did regular exercise during their teenage years as well as their midlife.

There were some people who exercised during their young days and had stopped exercising in their adult days but had started again in their midlife. Whereas there were some people who were active when they were young but had stopped during the older years.

The researchers further checked the National Death Index for deaths and the cause of death of their participants over the years. The results indicated that people who had been always active were 30-35% less likely to have died due to any disease or health cause.

The same category of people who were active was 40% less likely to have died over a heart attack as compared to people who were inactive.

The results also revealed that people who had stopped exercising for some time but had started it later during their life had the same protection against premature deaths.

However, the third category of people where the participants were active in young days but later on stopped exercising showed that they had no longevity benefits.

The World Health Organization in one of their reports also recommends and suggests physical activity for health and wellbeing. The report consists of various guidelines and the importance of doing physical activities and their significance in one’s life.

This study indicates that it is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle and become healthy and fit. There is still time for a person to gain longevity benefits and live a longer healthier life.

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