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Facebook will now provide authentic and authoritative information about the vaccine to people.

Facebook Plans to Control Vaccine Misinformation

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The largest social media platform, Facebook has announced the ways to tackle the misinformation about vaccines.

This information was published on the official website of Facebook on March 7th, 2019.

Facebook has revealed that they are finding ways to combat the issue related to vaccine misinformation on its platform. The team is looking forward to reducing the distribution of illicit data of vaccine presented on Facebook.

Facebook will provide authentic and authoritative information about the vaccine to people. Some of the steps that will be taken by Facebook include reducing the ranking of groups and pages that spread misinformation of vaccination.

The groups and pages that spread bogus information about vaccinations in the News Feed and Search will not be recommended to people. Such groups and pages shall not be shown in any list while anyone types into Search.

Facebook will reject the ads related to misinformation of vaccinations. The company has also removed the options of targeting such as “vaccine controversies.”

The ad accounts that will keep violating the policies of Facebook will be disabled. The company is now strenuous to not to show or endorse the content having vaccine misinformation on Instagram or hashtag pages as well.

Monika Bickert, VP, Global Policy Management has said, “We are exploring ways to share educational information about vaccines when people come across misinformation on this topic.”

Many foremost global health organizations such as the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have joined hands to combat the issue. They have publicly recognized the certifiable vaccine tricks. In case of identifying any of these vaccine frauds on Facebook, strict action will be taken against them.

If any Facebook group or page admin will post such vaccine misinformation, the entire group or page will be exempted from the recommendations.

Along with all the other steps, Facebook is initiating to provide users with some additional content. The users will be able to choose whether to read, share, or involve in such vaccine misinformation on Facebook.

The team of Facebook is exploring many ways to provide accurate information from expert administrations to the people. The precise details about the vaccines will be shown at the top of results on the pages which indulge in talking about this topic.

The company will give updates regarding this step in the coming days. Facebook claims that there team is fully devoted to keep the platform safe for the users.

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