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According to the reports, about half of the patients who were hospitalized during influenza (flu) season in 2017-2018 also had heart disease.

Flu Can Adversely Affect People With Heart Diseases

By Kanika  •  

New research done by the American College of Cardiology states that flu and heart failure are interlinked. As the number of cases of flu goes up, the number of cases of heart failure goes up too.

The study was published in the journal Jama Cardiology on 27 March 2019. The study shows that flu can have adverse effects on people with heart problems.

A common flu and pneumonia could cause serious health problems if not treated on time. Flu is a contagious respiratory sickness, that causes fever, headache, cough, fatigues, muscles, and body ache.

Most people recover from the flu within a few days or weeks. While in some cases people developed a complication that can lead to pneumonia, which can be life-threatening. People with heart problems need to take special care as flu can worsen the health of patients.

For this research, scientists have collected the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this study 451,588 people were examined, who were aged between 35 to 84. The researchers also considered the four geographic areas over four flu seasons from 2010 to 2014.

Researchers have also collected the sample reports of 2042 patients who were hospitalized due to heart failure. Also, they checked the records of 1599 heart attack patients.

Researchers have considered all the factors such as region, race and ethnicity, season and age group, etc. of the people. Based on these factors the experiment demonstrated that for every 5 percent increase in monthly clinical visits due to flu, there was an increase in hospitalization for heart failure by 24 percent.

This research also indicated that seasonal influenza contributed to 19 percent of total cases of hospitalization due to heart failure. However, people who have had a stroke or had a history of heart disease are at a higher risk of developing complication from the flu.

According to the reports, about half of the patients who were hospitalized during influenza (flu) season in 2017-2018 also had heart disease. Thus, the common flu is directly associated with an increase in the number of heart attacks and stroke.

However, people with heart disease must take a few precautions to avoid every chance of getting infected with influenza. People with heart disease must stay distant from an infected person. Another thing that one should consider is that heart patients should not miss their medication and keep a regular health checkup, so that physician could know the status of their health.

According to the reports, viral flu can put a strain on the body that results in affecting blood pressure, heart rate, and overall heart functioning. This pressure causes a stroke or heart attack, therefore it is important for a heart patient to take extra care and avoid getting the viral flu as much as one can.

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