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Challenges added to Google Fit

Google Fit gets new challenges right in time for New Year Resolutions

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Google Fit gets new challenges right in time for New Year Resolutions

It is almost that time of the year. It is time to make a fitness new year promise. But this time, Google is going to help you meet your goals. Google is adding new challenges to the newly designed Fit app by Google. These challenges consist of 30 days long task and you earn points when you complete the task. These challenges will keep you fit and help you meet your new year resolution.

Google Fit is a health tracking app for Android users developed by Google. Google Fit utilizes activity trackers built into smartwatches or the mobile device of the user to record the physical activities. It then provides a comprehensive view of the users' fitness. The newly added challenges features are available for Wear OS powered watches and Android devices. You will be able to join the first-month challenge when its 2019. You will then start receiving rewards based on the activities you complete.

Once you are logged in to the app, the app starts to record your walks, runs, bike rides, and other exercise activities. Google Fit can also sync with augmented reality games like Pokemon Go to record your activity while playing.

For moderate activities like brisk walking, the Fit app gives you one point and for intense activities like kickboxing and running it gives you double the points. The goal is to reach 150 points every week. This target meets the activity recommendations made by the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association for adults 18-64 years.

Google Fit is also working with more than 36 influencers from across the globe to inspire people to take care of their health. Google Fit seems to be about self-motivation and not competition. It is not clear if you can complete on fitness challenges with other users.

Currently, the app has 10 million downloads. The count is fairly low considering the fact that the app was launched in 2014. The impact of this update remains to be seen.

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