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Zika virus was first reported in 2015 in America.

History of dengue may save you from Zika

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New studies have shown that children who have suffered from Dengue in the past basically have the lower risk of getting infected by Zika virus.

The research was conducted in Nicaragua on more than 3000 thousand children, who are aged between 2 to 14 years. Earlier the experts believe that dengue-infected children are prone to severe Zika disease, however, the recent studies reveal that the dengue virus actually acts like immunity against Zika virus.

This research is published in PLOS Medicine journal. The research was supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) which is a part of the National Institutes of Health.

The research was conducted by a group of Universities, Institutes and Health centers which include the Ministry of Health in Managua, Nicaragua, University of Michigan, University of California, and the Sustainable Science Institute.

Zika virus was first reported in 2015 in America, while dengue virus was ingrained in the region for decades. Zika virus and dengue both have similar symptoms that include joint pain, rash, and fever.

Both the viruses are closely related to flaviviruses, hence it would be safe to say Dengue immunity may also impact susceptibility to Zika. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting both Zika Virus and Dengue.

In some severe cases, it has been recorded that Zika virus could lead to neurological issues. Sometimes it can create a problem during pregnancy in the development of babies or could cause birth defects, which is called congenital Zika syndrome. However, it is not true for all, many people don’t show any symptoms of Zika virus or Dengue when infected.

The first ever case of human Zika virus infection was found in serological studies conducted in 1952 in Uganda. Zika virus spread like a fire in Brazil in 2015, the consequences of this epidemic covered most of South, North, Central America and the Caribean islands. In Nicaragua, the first Zika case was identified in 2016.

After a series of experiments and case studies, it has been observed that sometimes the second dengue infection can be much more harmful and stern than the first one. Though Zika and Dengue virus shares some common grounds, which makes it mandatory to know that if the Zika virus followed by dengue infection can do more harm.

Under the observation of 3,893 children aged between 2 to 14 years old, on an approximate, there were about 1,356 Zika infected and 560 of them shows its symptoms. RT-PCR is the method that detects the Zika virus in the body.

The study author used the 15 years old data of pediatric investigation to determine the histories of 3,027 infected children out of 743 had dengue infections. It is also recorded that children with a prior dengue virus infection before March 2015 have had a lower risk of getting affected by Zika virus symptomatically as well as clinically.

According to the authors and reports, children who have had affected from dengue at initial stage have built the immunity against Zika virus infection. However, there is the necessity to scrutinize and dig up the process of immunological mechanisms of cross-protection between Zika virus and dengue.

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