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Drivers will be replaced by self-driving trucks.

Ike’s Self-driving Truck Raised $52 Million Funds

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Ike’s has developed a self-driving truck that has raised $52 million in a Series A funding round led by Bain Capital Ventures. It is an autonomous startup founded by former employees of Apple, Google, and Uber. The Ike team made its first official declaration about its self-driving truck by posting an article on Medium.

In order to raise the funds Redpoint Ventures, Basic Set Ventures, Fontinalis Partners and Neo stepped in to participate in the round. All of them joined hands to manifest the first ever self-driving truck for the commercial purpose.

The developers have claimed that self-driving trucks are another step into futuristic technology, and with every step, the technology is getting better. They have used laser-focused system-based technology, instead of sensors to get on the road.

According to the reports, a daily series of tests are taken to check the efficiency and durability of Ike’s self-driving truck. The developers have assured its safety, therefore, they are hiring and training the experienced truck drivers.

Alden Woodrow, co-founder and CEO of Ike robotics said, “The temptation when you’re working on this technology - because there’s so much potential and because there’s so much excitement for it - especially for small companies in the early stages, is to try and hack something together and try to get up and running really quickly.”

He added, “We’re making a lot of progress today on hardware, software, systems engineering without driving trucks on the road, that’s partly because of the team we’ve assembled, but it’s also due to the licensing agreement with Nuro that has given us a set of really robust tools.”

Nancy Sun, the co-founder of Ike, says, “Ike engineers aren’t focused just on quickly building out integrating self-driving software and sensors to get on the road. Instead, it’s laser-focused on a systems-based philosophy. Ike is working on determining the design and architecture first before laying the foundation - to use a comparison to building a home.”

There won’t be much delay in deploying Ike’s first self-driving truck on roads for commercial purpose. The company is planning its next step by testing driver’s safety on public roads this year.

The company has claimed the self-driving truck are futuristic. They are built in wire harnesses, alternator, and steering column to durable sensors for the better knowledge of highways with inbuilt computer vision to understand the surroundings and make the decision accordingly.

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