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Marijuana edibles take longer to show their effects as compared to inhaling or smoking pot.

Marijuana Edibles Are More Harmful Than Smoking Pot

By Sonam  •  

A study done on the basis of the emergency room visits in a Colorado’s hospital found that edibles made of marijuana induce a number of pot-related medical crises. This study was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine on 26 March 2019.

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug obtained from the dried flowers of the Cannabis plant. Marijuana is used for medical and recreational activities. It can be consumed in many forms.

There are some people who smoke it by mixing it with cigarettes. While it can also be consumed in an edible form like pot-brownies, cookies or gummy bears.

Over the years there has been an ongoing debate and discussion on the implications, use and side effects of consuming or smoking marijuana. In most parts of the world, consumption of marijuana is illegal, whereas in some states around the world it is also legally available.

There are various studies which observe and study the effects of edible marijuana on people. Since the legalization of marijuana in some areas, the consumption of the drug has increased. Over the last couple of years, people getting admitted in the hospital over the side effects of edible marijuana has also increased.

The study was conducted in UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital Emergency Department. The study consisted of 2,567 visits attributed to cannabis and about 238 visits attributed to edible cannabis. This study was done between 2014-2016.

It was observed that hospital visits attributed to edible cannabis were likely to be due to acute psychiatric symptoms (a mental disorder) (18%), intoxication (48%), and cardiovascular symptoms (8%). Whereas visits attributed to inhaled cannabis were more likely to be for cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (condition leading to repeated vomiting) (18%).

There were also two deaths that were linked to edibles. One victim jumped off his hotel balcony after reportedly eating six times the recommended serving of marijuana cookie. The other victim was allegedly killed by her husband after the husband ate marijuana edible along with some painkillers.

Marijuana edibles take longer to show their effects as compared to inhaling or smoking pot. Thus people who eat edibles usually take more doses than required for the desired effect. This increases the risk of an overdose.

The main mind-altering chemical in marijuana responsible for most toxication is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This chemical has the most effect on the mind.

Dr. Richard Zane, head of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado Hospital said, “It’s one thing to say that one person who’s used marijuana before is gonna smoke a marijuana cigarette or eat one small piece of chocolate."

Zane further added, "It’s another thing when you have college students who are pretty naive who are sucking on a THC-infused lollipop and are psychotic for two or three days because they’ve never had this level of THC or this strength."

There are other studies also done which show concern on the cardiovascular complications of marijuana. Serious complications and problems have occurred due to the consumption of marijuana.

There are many states in the world which require warning symbol indicating the harmful effects of marijuana edibles and the number of dosages to be consumed.

There are many effects of the legalization of marijuana that should be taken into consideration which can harm human health. Consuming marijuana can create severe mental health issues as well.

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