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Human Milk Analyzer measures nutrients in breast milk.

Now, a diagnostic test to measure nutrients in breast milk

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Now, a diagnostic test to measure nutrients in breast milk

The Miris Human Milk Analyzer has received a nod from the FDA to start marketing. The Miris Human Milk Analyzer is a diagnostic test that measures energy levels, protein, carbohydrate, fat levels, and other nutrients in breast milk. This is the first diagnostic test to help analyze breast milk nutrients. This test can provide significant benefit to children who are born premature or infants with health conditions that require special nutritional needs.

Breast milk nutrition can vary from mother to mother. In some cases, breast milk may not contain sufficient nutrients for infants who have special needs. Using this test, doctors can make decisions on how to supplement the baby’s diet based on the quality of breast milk and the child’s nutritional needs. Previously, there was no easy method to quickly analyze nutrient levels in breast milk. Using the results of this test with weight and growth progress, doctors can create better nutritional management plans for children who have special needs.

Miris Human Milk Analyzer (also called as, Miris HMA) is a prescription device for use by trained professionals at clinical laboratories. It was found that certain medicines being used by the mother could interfere with test results. The Miris Human Milk Analyzer has been made by Miris AB, an Uppsala, Sweden based company. Miris AB currently sells HMA in more than 25 countries worldwide.

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