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Plant-Based Diet: Good for Health and Planet

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Recent studies have shown that if humans switch to plant-based diets rather than junk, not only the human body but also the planet Earth will get benefited.

While humans are obsessed with eating junk food, the planet Earth has to face hard consequences. The increased intake of fast food has not only badly affected the human bodies but also made it tough for the planet to fight environmental changes.

An international team EAT-Lancet Commission has devised a new diet. This diet aims to make Earth immune against the climatic changes caused by overproduction and consumption of junk food. This diet is called “planetary health diet”.

This diet provides nutrition to the human bodies. Also, it helps in improving the medical conditions like blood pressure, cholesterol of the person. Making these dietary changes can help in preventing 11 million (1.1 crores) deaths per year.

The second benefit of switching to plant-based diets is that it increases the role of farming and livestock breeding. This will eventually improve the poor sectors of the economy including agriculture.

Environment has become an international concern over these recent years. According to the researchers, the shift to planetary diets needs to be done stepwise. This includes implementing a few strategies on a national or international level.

The consumer needs to be committed enough in the first place to make this shift. The agriculture sector also needs to prioritize the production of healthy food over quantity food.

Also, it would be essential to produce sustainably enough food. Additionally, the governance of land and oceans needs to be efficient enough to sustain production. In other words, the available resources must be judiciously used to cater the entire planetary population.

Proper measures should be taken to avoid wastage at any level of production or consumption.

“Global consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes will have to double, and consumption of foods such as red meat and sugar will have to be reduced by more than 50%”, said Prof. Walter Willett of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

“Global food production threatens climate stability and ecosystem resilience. It constitutes the single largest driver of environmental degradation and transgression of planetary boundaries. A radical transformation of the global food system is urgently needed”, said Prof. Johan Rockström of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research & Stockholm Resilience Centre.

The existing food patterns of humans have been harsh enough for the environment to cause many problems. On the production side, the use of fertilizers and pesticides has badly caused the climatic changes.

On the consumption side, it has caused health loss in people causing a rise in medical issues. Obesity and disturbed blood pressure are one of the major common health issues.

Also, with the everblooming population, the risk of environmental degradation is also increasing. This includes global warming, climatic changes, rising temperature and many more.

Thus, there is a dire need of switching to a better and sustainable means to save our mother Earth for the upcoming generations.

This Plant-based diet is one of such means. Others may be basic environment protection measures like planting more and more trees and saving natural resources.

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