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Various popular apps that are sending their customer’s data to Facebook

Popular apps sending confidential data to Facebook without your consent

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Privacy is a word that is used as a defense by many people when they do not know how to explain their actions or are not willing to share activities done by them. But for some people, it means next to nothing. This can be plainly seen in the examples of the various popular apps that are sending their customer’s data to Facebook.

MyFitnessPal and TripAdvisor are among the 34 popular Android apps that send sensitive customer’s information to Facebook. The data is used by Facebook to determine the user's needs and show ads.

Have you ever noticed something you might need showing up in the suggestions box on Facebook? Let’s say you are trying to lose weight and you need a calorie tracker to keep track of your eating habits. You download a fitness app and set in your goal.

And, viola, a suggestion to purchase a calorie tracker or smartwatch pops up on Facebook. This is what the apps are doing, transmitting your data, and luring you into buying stuff that you might not need.

Kayak is one example of a popular travel app, that is allegedly sending flight details along with the number of people who are traveling to Facebook.

With the data that is transmitted, Facebook may not be able to identify who you are directly but it can identify you through a series of other circuitous ways.

The main reason to be worried here isn’t only because the apps are violating your privacy but also because they may be breaching the regulations of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) privacy rules.

However, the people to be blamed is just not Facebook. After becoming aware of the rules set by the GDPR, Facebook did change the rules of the developers kit. Permission is now required for apps to transmit their customer's data.

Still many of the apps in questions are either using the previous version of the developers kit or are simply not bothered about the privacy of their customers.

Nevertheless, it is quite apparent that apps need to follow the rules set by GDPR to secure customer privacy. Violations can attract fines and controversies.

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