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Black snow was formed due to the air being polluted with coal dust.

Russia Faces Black and Green Snow

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People in Russia have recently witnessed black and green snow. This is the first time something like this has happened.

With the constant change in the environment, everyone around us is getting affected. There are some parts of the globe where glaciers are melting. Also, the northern pole is also said to be shifting from its position due to weather changes.

Changing environment is a serious concern which needs to be amended. Another example of the changing climate was seen in Russia a few days ago. The industrial region in Siberia, Russia faced black snow.

Black snow was formed due to the air being polluted with coal dust. The snow, when mixed with coal pollutants from the air, turned into black. It is said that the main reason behind this black snow is Cherkasovskaya, a coal processing plant.

The region where the plant is located is part of Russia’s vast Kuzbass coalfield. It is one of the largest coal mining areas in the world.

According to the laboratory tests, the level of air pollution in Kiselyovsk was found to be more than double the safe limits.

The mining industries are supposed to filter the coal dust before releasing it into the air. However, it was found that the plant does not do so, thus making the air more polluted than usual. The plant has temporarily been shut down until further investigation.

People are complaining about the problems they are facing due to this black snow. This black snow is extremely harmful both for the people and for the environment.

On the other hand in the city of Pervouralsk, people also witnessed green snow. This green snow is said to be occurred due to chemicals being extracted by a chrome factory.

There are images available depicting acid green icicles hanging from buildings in the city. People have been protesting and complaining about health issues children are facing since the green snow. However, the factory’s spokesperson said that this does not cause a threat to adults and children.

The city previously spotted green snow two years ago in 2016. At that time, it was said to be caused due to an overflowing pipe spilled chromium-contaminated water on to streets.

There is pollution present everywhere. With the air being already polluted due to global warming, the chemicals and coal dust add on to the pollution. This causes serious health concerns and affects human life.

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