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Breathalyzer that can detect multiple cancers by a person’s breath.

Scientists Developing a Breathalyzer to Detect Multiple Cancers

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Scientists in the UK are developing a breathalyzer that can detect multiple cancers by a person’s breath. The device will look for volatile organic compounds in the breath and detect if the person has cancer.

The device is being developed as part of the “Early Detection of biomarkers in multiple cancers” trial, which is a collaborative effort between Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, University of Cambridge, Cancer Research UK (CRUK), and Owlstone Medical.

The device is currently being tested at the Addenbrooke’s hospital at Cambridge, UK. It is being tested on about 1500 people.

To start with, people with esophageal and stomach cancer will be the ones trying out the breathalyzer. Later it would be introduced for cancers of the liver, the kidney, pancreas, bladder, and prostate as well.

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that are prevalent in almost all parts of the world. There is no cure to cancer only therapies that may help to save the patient's life when it is detected early enough.

However, most types of cancers do not display the symptoms early enough to detect. Most of the warning signs of cancer are vague, which can be there because of cancer or because of any other less far serious disease. So a way that can detect the early signs of cancer is required.

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