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Nanorobots will help to save human lives by delivering drugs in the body.

Scientists invent flexible microrobots to deliver drugs inside your body

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Flexible nanorobots have been developed by the scientists of two research institutes of Switzerland to help insert life-saving drugs in the human body.

Two scientists named, Selman Sakar at Swiss Federal Institue of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and Bradley Nelson at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) derived biocompatible microrobots which are inspired by bacteria.

These microrobots can change shape as per requirement and can swim through fluids as and when needed. They can also pass through blood vessels without changing its speed.

These microrobots are made of hydrogel nanocomposites that consist of magnetic nanoparticles. These nanoparticles allow them to be controlled via an electromagnetic field.

Scientists have developed a programme to modify the shape of the robot. This programme helps in easy movement through fluids that are thick, slimy or moving at a fast speed.

In addition to offering enhanced effectiveness, these microrobots can also be built easily at a feasible cost.

Sakar stated, “Our robots have a special composition and structure that allow them to adapt to the characteristics of the fluid they are moving through”.

He also said that “For instance, if they encounter a change in viscosity or osmotic concentration, they modify their shape to maintain their speed and maneuverability without losing control of the direction of motion.”

Ahead in the future, the scientists will improve the performance of microrobots for flowing through complex fluids like those found in the human body.

Once the goal is achieved, it may not take long for doctors to prescribe a dose of ingestible nanorobots to deliver drugs directly to diseased tissue.

These microrobots are perfecting their movements so that they can reach faraway areas of the human body.

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