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Loomo Delivery will be launched at CES 2019.

Segway is launching its first autonomous delivery robot

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Segway-Ninebot is launching its first delivery robot at the consumer electronics show 2019. The delivery robot is designed to perform package deliveries. The robot is called “Loomo Delivery”.

Loomo Delivery looks like a mailbox over wheels. Loomo Delivery has been built to deliver packages inside of a building. This could potentially include offices, malls, or apartment buildings. The robot aims to reduce the burden of completing the last leg of package deliveries.

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Segway-Ninebot is calling Loomo Delivery as the “Future of the Delivery Workforce.” Last-mile delivery and take-out services are growing rapidly in various regions of the world. At the same time, there is a decline in the working age population in several developed countries.

The company wants to introduce robots such as the Loomo Delivery as the new delivery workforce.

Loomo Delivery can transport food, packages, and various other goods. The volume of the containers exceeds 70 liters. It can carry up to 50kg (110 pounds) of packages. The robot can run for 8 hours and comes with automatic charging stations.

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The robot is adaptable for elevators and comes with 4G/Wi-Fi connectivity. It uses a 6-core processor and comes with a 10-inch screen.

Loomo Delivery comes with cloud-based robot management. This means that robots are always connected to the cloud allowing them to be monitored in real-time and scheduled dynamically as per business needs. This also reduces the need and overheads of manual maintenance.

The robot uses camera-based computer vision via the “vision-based SLAM technology.” Using machine learning, the robot can avoid obstacles, blocks, and people in areas such as shopping malls and offices.

Segway-Ninebot says that the robot has 360° 3D Perception. The robot can also detect verticle obstacles and easily go over ramps with up to an 8° gradient.

About Segway

Segway was started in 1999 by Dean Kamen, an American entrepreneur, and inventor. The company launched The Segway Human Transporter in December 2001. Segway and Ninebot, Inc. completed a merger in 2015.

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