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The female baseline kit test hormones like Oestradiol, LH, FSH, Testosterone, SHBG and Thyroid Profile.

Thriva Introduces Three New Test-at-home Products

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Thriva will be expanding its test-at-home kits with a saliva-based cortisol test and two female hormone kits soon.

Thriva is a track-at-home health startup company based in the UK. The company provides products and services which help to keep a track on health with personalized at-home-finger-prick blood tests.

Saliva-based cortisol test will help measure an individual’s stress levels. When you are stressed, the body releases cortisol hormone to help cope under stressful situations. High cortisol hormones are released under stress which can lead to anxiety disorders, sleep-related problems, depression and more.

With the help of a cortisol test, you can determine your stress levels and manage your health accordingly. All you have to do is simply chew on the material tube 4 times a day and the results will be revealed in 48 hours.

The idea behind this stress test kit is to help understand that if their cortisol levels are high and at what point during the day stress levels increased. The price of this stress test is £79 (approx. ₹7339).

Two female hormone kits are also introduced by Thriva. One kit is based to check hormone levels while the other kit will help check menopausal range.

Female hormones baseline test helps check hormonal imbalance and Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affecting weight, mood, skin, fertility and periods. It is a finger-prick blood test with results determined within 48 hours.

This female baseline kit tests a range of female hormones like Oestradiol (a female sex hormone), Luteinizing hormone(LH) (essential to ovulation), Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) (regulates development of the body), Testosterone (a male hormone), Thyroid Profile (hormones which control body growth) and Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) (binds the other hormones).

Another female test kit called the Menopause test will help check menopause range and thyroid problems. This test is also a finger-prick blood test with results out in 48 hours.

Menopause test kit helps determine Thyroid Profile, FSH, LH, Vitamin D, and Oestradiol.

Thriva claims that all these tests are reviewed by a UK qualified doctor with recommendations for further care wherever necessary. The company also suggests that women can benefit from these tests by keeping a track of the changes occurred and further discuss the issues with a physician or doctor.

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