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Move, Move ECG, and BPM Core launched by Withings.

Withings launches three new health accessories

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Withings, the connected health care startup from France is welcoming the New Year with three new, innovative, and promising products.

Withings has launched a customized activity tracker called Move, an electrocardiogram-recording version of the tracker called Move ECG, and a digital stethoscope device called BPM Core.

Move is an advanced activity and sleep tracker, that looks like an analog watch. The company claims that it is simple to use. Move keeps track of basic day to day activities like walking, running, biking, swimming, and sleeping.

Move comes with a GPS chip. Move syncs to the free Health Mate app, making it easy to keep a check on your exercise trends and sleep time. All the data is displayed on the dial of the analog watch with the third hand of the watch. You can buy this device for $70 (approx. Rs. 4900).

Move is said to be launched with five different color schemes including black, light and dark blue, green and red wristbands. Withings also promises to introduce a new color, glass type, cases, and wristband options every month and on special occasions throughout the year.

The Move ECG Withings helps monitor your heart rate anywhere, anytime, even when you are in water. This waterproof device has a battery life of one year. This watch not only monitors your heart rate but can also support its results with audio recordings of the heart.

As claimed by Withings, Move ECG offers an easy and simple way of recording electrocardiogram. The recording is done by placing fingers on the watch case and the result will be displayed within 20 seconds. Move ECG is priced at $130 (approx. Rs. 9000).

The last product released by Withings called BPM Core is a three in one device. It delivers blood pressure and heart rate measurement, along with ECG monitoring and a digital stethoscope all in $250 (approx. Rs. 17500).

BPM Core helps track atrial fibrillation (AFib) and valvular heart disease (VHD) conditions which otherwise have no symptoms and are hard to detect. BPM Core also syncs with the Health Mate app via wifi.

FDA clearance is still awaited for both Move ECG and BPM Core. Move ECG and BPM Core will be available to buy after the clearance is obtained.

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