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HIV Needle Stick Risk Assessment Stratification Protocol (RASP)

Source Population
Acute AIDS illness defined as end stage AIDS, hospitalized, high viral load | Unknown HIV status, high-risk situation defined as suspected HIV, IV drug user, unknown needle with high local HIV prevalence
Known HIV+: acute AIDS illness 1
Known HIV+: asymptomatic HIV 10
Unknown HIV status: high-risk situation 100
Unknown HIV status: low-risk situation 1000
Innoculum Types
Fresh blood 1
Other high-risk fluids (e.g. semen) 10
Dried old blood 100
Low-risk secretions (e.g. saliva, urine, tears, urine) 1000
Transmission Method
Intravenous 1
Deep intramuscular 10
Deep transcutaneous with visible bleeding 100
Superficial transcutaneous without bleeding 200
Mucosal contact only 500
Intact skin 1000
Inoculum Volume
Massive 100
Measurable (>1mL) 10
Moderate (large-bore, hollow needle >22G) 5
Small (small-bore, hollow needle) 3
Trace (e.g. suture needle) 1


Result Interpretation

Ranges Ranges

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