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Ideal Body Weight

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Ideal body weight is quick and efficient index to calculate the ideal body weight in both men and women.
Desired tidal volume
Ventilator tidal volumes should be based on ideal body weight. Set your target tidal volume in mL/kg, and get a total tidal volume for your settings.


Measured Factor
Ideal body weight
Measured Factor Detail
Ideal body weight gives the prediction whether the person's body weight falls in ideal category or not with the help of Dr. Devine formula. IBW takes into account the height, sex and desired tidal voulme of the person. Ideal body weight plays an important role in pharmacokinetics of various drugs like digitoxin, theophyllin,gentamycin and various other.
Body System
Multiple body systems
The Dr. Devine formula Ideal Body Weight (men) = 50kg + 2.3kg*(height(in)-60) Ideal Body Weight (women) =45.5kg + 2.3kg *(height(in)-60)
Measured Factor Low Impact
  • Low impact factor may vary according to person's age height and desired volume
Measured Factor High Impact
  • There is no high impact factor as this tool is a index not a calculator so it shows only ideal body weight values.

Result Interpretation

Ranges Ranges


Study Validation 1
A study was conducted on the universal equation to estimate ideal body weight (IBW) with any body mass index (BMI). BMI ranges and IBW equations both have used to calculate healthy weight ranges. In this study, defining target body weight and IBW were merged with BMI to calculate body weight and IBW from any BMI value. A comparative analysis was done to check the empirical accuracy with past IBW equations from NHANES data. 0.5-0.7% empirical accuracy was measured with the linear equation to calculate body weight from any height and BMI. The study also showed body weight equation for both male and female with BMI values without any errors as compared to past IBW equations. In conclusion, the new body weight equation is a useful formula to calculate body weight and IBW with any height and BMI.
References: 2
Study Additional 1
A comparison analysis in the United States for healthy adults with published height-weight tables and ideal body weight equations with body mass index (BMI) tables. Data plotted from different heights, weight with specific heights calculated by ideal body weight formulas, and weight for 20, 22, 25, and 30 kg/m2 BMIs for women and men both. Rational database software was used to determine the range of heights for the slopes. The slope value obtained by comparison of BMIs to calculate the best fit with 22 kg/m2 BMI using linear regression. Devine and Hammond's formula gives BMI of 20 kg/m2 for shorter women in the slope. In conclusion, IBW is a useful formula with the lowest morbidity based on BMI for both women and men.
References: 3
Study Additional 2
A case study of Gentamicin therapy of 85 years old male patient by Devine. The patient admitted to the hospital in the postictal state with seizures. He had vital signs of BP 135/80, weighed 160 lbs (73 kg) and height of 178 cm (5 ft. 10 inches). Aerobic and anaerobic exams of blood cultures and trans-tracheal aspirate were obtained. The patient started with antibiotic therapy; gentamicin. Nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity were the adverse reactions with gentamicin therapy. Many factors considered for the dose of gentamicin like infection type, patients data as weight, sex, Creatinine clearance (Ccr), age, serum creatinine, other diseases and other drugs. Determination of dose on the base of Ccr. In conclusion, the pharmacist must aware of gentamicin toxicity during medication to the patient.
References: 4


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