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Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia Scale (PAINAD)

Breathing (independent of vocalization)
Normal 0
Occasional labored breathing or short periods of hyperventilation 1
Noisy labored breathing, long periods of hyperventilation or Cheyne-Stokes respirations 2
Negative vocalization
None 0
Occasional moan/groan or low-level speech with negative quality 1
Repeated troubled calling out, loud moaning/groaning/crying 2
Facial expression
Smiling or inexpressive 0
Sad/frightened/frown 1
Facial grimacing 2
Body language
Relaxed 0
Tense, distressed pacing/fidgeting 1
Rigid, fists clenched, knees pulled up, pulling/pushing away/striking out 2
No need to console 0
Distracted or reassured by voice/touch 1
Unable to console, distract or reassure 2


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