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Schwab and England Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Scale

Level of independence
Completely independent: able to do all chores without difficulty; essentially normal; unaware of any difficulty 1
Completely independent: able to do all chores with some difficulty (may take twice as long); beginning to be aware of difficulty 2
Mostly independent: chores takes twice as long; conscious of difficulty 3
Not completely independent: more difficulty with some chores; takes 3-4x longer for some 4
Some dependency: can do most chores but exceedingly slowly and with much effort; makes errors; some chores impossible 5
More dependent: needs help with half of chores; is slower and has difficulty with everything 6
Heavily dependent: can assist with all chores but does few alone 7
Mostly dependent: with effort, can sometimes do a few chores alone or begin alone; much help needed 8
Severely dependent: can help slighly with some chores but nothing alone 9
Completely dependent: helpless; complete invalid 10
Bedridden: vegetative functions such as swallowing, bladder and bowel functions impaired 11


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