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SEDAN Score for Post-tPA Hemorrhage

Blood sugar
<145 mg/dL (8.1 mmol/L) 0
145-216 mg/dL (8.1–12.0 mmol/L) 1
>216 mg/dL (12.0 mmol/L) 2
Early infarct signs on initial CT
Hypoattenuation comprising <1/3 of the middle cerebral artery territory; obscuration of the lentiform nucleus or Sylvian fissure; loss of basal ganglion outline or insular ribbon; cortical sulcal effacement
No 0
Yes 1
Hyperdense cerebral artery sign on initial CT
No 0
Yes 1
Age > 75 years
No 0
Yes 1


Result Interpretation

Ranges Ranges

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