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Video for Chapter 8

4 minutes
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Patience, patience, especially when it comes to losing weight. previous chapters, the only way to achieve sustainable weight loss to make permanent changes in your daily habitual behavior. And the only way to make permanent change in the daily ritual behaviors is to change one behavior at a time. And some habits, you might break them down into smaller steps. The problem with small steps is that they, they sometimes might take you a little while before you start seeing any results. If you don't have the patience to wait, you quit before the small steps have a chance to yield any results.

And then we become another society and everybody wants fast results. We have no patience to wait for anything, the weight loss industry instead of explaining to people that sometimes the slow It's a much better way to simply give people what they want, which is fast results, because that's what sells is the fact that most people regain the weight that is not a concern because they deliver on the promise fast results. nobody says anything about sustainable results. Sometimes in life what we want, is that what we need, for those of you who have kids, do you always give your kids what they want, even what they want goes against what they need. Of course now, I feel the same way but the way it was, when was a business. I know people want fast results of fast results, or Eros, they disappear as fast they appear.

I can again the weight loss field to help people lose weight the early I got to the weight loss field to help people win the witness battle permanently. This is why I focus on telling people what they need to hear which necessarily what they want to hear. And the one thing people need to hear is that they need to have patience if they want sustainable results and If you don't have patience, this is something you can always develop. The one great thing about humans is that we can develop or eliminate any behavior we put our minds to. The key here is that we truly desire and we want that, as explained in the previous chapter. The question I have for people who have no patience, and they want to lose weight by tomorrow, what is the point of losing weight fast, if you're going to regain the weight back, wouldn't you rather take a little extra time to lose weight the right way and never have to worry about your weight again, the funny thing is by taking the extra time and lose weight, the slower way is actually the much faster way to lose weight.

I know people who lose weight the fast way three years and is still overweight, whereas the slower way of losing weight, you'll need to lose the weight once. So really, which is a faster way of losing weight. Think about it. The key to becoming more patients focusing on finding pleasure in the journey and not just focusing on the end result. Here's a perfect example. I remember when we used to take this long cartridge to Cape Cod.

There was before the iPhone by the way 910s we would have the whole bunch of Rogaine, we should play, like the license plate game, we will pick a number and we'll try to find as many license plates with that number. This will make the journey a lot more fun. That just works by the way posts for parents. You must do the same thing when when trying to lose weight. Make sure you find ways to enjoy the journey. Your homework is to read the PDF report that's included in this chapter.

The report reinforces many of the ideas I talked about in this video. Make sure you read this report before you go to the next chapter. If you have any questions or comments about the sector I covered in this video, don't hesitate to email me. You'll find my email in the report. Thank you

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