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Everyday Mind Management: Restore Your Confidence & Self-Belief.

This Unique 'From-To' Course Will Show You How To Get Moving In The Direction You Want And Become Unstoppable!

Everyday Mind Management: Restore Your Confidence & Self-Belief.

This Unique 'From-To' Course Will Show You How To Get Moving In The Direction You Want And Become Unstoppable!
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Understand how the 'From-To' Formula works and be able to start creating and using your own templates for positive change.
Understand the key functions of the brain and why neuroplasticity is enabling people to make changes to how they can consciously and deliberately operate their brains to be more relaxed and productive.
Use or adapt these templates to create their own versions.

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone who wants to remove self-damaging thinking to feel great and achieve more.
  • Those finding it difficult to overturn negative situations or mental obstacles and want a way to break the pattern and move forward.
  • It's for you if you want to create or restore unshakeable confidence to be more of who you know you can be.

What you'll learn from this course:

1. How to quickly and easily shift thinking out of autopilot or default mode into one of control and confidence.

2. A simple method of meta-thinking that turns the tables on negative thought patterns and disruptive emotions or moods.

3. To engage your prefrontal cortex and apply logic to emotional situations - rewire your brain and easily focus on the opportunities instead of obstacles.

4. How to use the 'change' templates provided for Mental Wellbeing, Confidence, Workplace Stress, Physical Fitness, Weight Management & Financial Success.


I'm sitting in the living room of my 2 bedroom flat, alone with no job, very low on funds and self-doubt returning to haunt me even harder than it had for all my disruptive childhood and early teenage years, which came courtesy of an aggressive alcoholic father and the emotional and physical abuse he subjected us to.

I think to myself, 'I must be an imposter and what I'd achieved before must have been luck' because right now, I feel like a loser, i.e. after a short but impressive time proving myself in sales, I'm singled out for fast track management with the Fortune 500 publisher I work for. With a big ego in hand however, I leave to become an entrepreneur and fail, hence my feelings above.

A former boss of mine takes over responsibility for the national sales team of the publishing firm I worked for previously though and there's a glimmer of hope to redeem myself and regain some personal pride, he agrees to meet me.

I convince him to hire me again but this is an entirely different sales role, one dealing with large scale enterprises and some of the toughest buyers ever! He lays out this plan for me and for the next twelve months I follow the plan, twelve months later I look at the sales league tables and I'm bottom, failing again and doubting my ability more than ever before.

I'm on the floor, head in hands asking myself how I can possibly move FROM failure TO winner again before I get found out and fired!!!

I realize at this moment that what got me here won't get me to where I want to be and if I just rely on what I already know, then I will be limited by what I know. I begin searching my brain and the following thoughts come to mind... how did I get to be a champion schoolboy boxer, what helped me win in my early sales career, what got me selected for fast track management? In each case, it was a coach or mentor that interrupted any patterns of thoughts (self-doubt) that weren't working for me and a process for getting better, which included adding to my knowledge.

To be the best, I must therefore learn from people who know more than me and have proven themselves to be the best and not rely purely on myself, I need to swallow my pride (drop my insecure ego) and seek help!

The search begins with a 1-2-1 with an older colleague in national sales, I'm sitting down with him and he willingly shares the secrets that have made him top performer, year after year. His methods and advice seem so simple that it would be easy to dismiss them but I'm desperate enough to try anything.  I'm putting these into practice but still restless to learn more, be better, to get FROM where I am TO where I want to be, faster.

I begin studying the works of management greats from books, articles, distant learning products and audio programs I can listen to in the car. Not only am I adding to my own knowledge but I'm beginning to share this knowledge with my clients, the information they don't know about but find valuable. My competence is improving fast and my confidence skyrockets with it, my credibility with clients is building stronger and more trusting relationships. This combined with what I learn and apply from my colleague, I see my results increase dramatically, to the point where I'm now the top performing and highest paid account director in the whole company, and singled out for 'Outstanding Contribution To Business' by the CEO. I'm back!

Since then, I've gone on to establish a cutting edge high tech firm to create industry firsts in the fraud market, turn around a loss-making traditional business services firm from loss-making into profitability and onward sale to a market leader, launch a new sales team in the publishing sector to generate annual revenues from zero to nearly £20m in just 3 years with 10 account directors and run major change programs that delivered multi-million pound impacts for a major communications corporation.

The key to all of this however, is that it begins with a process, one that stops the rot and sets the stage for you to change how you think. I'm fortunate to have enjoyed a varied and successful career, despite some mental habits that can drag you down or throw you off course, and have helped others to accomplish the same. I'm now at a stage in life where I want to pass on some of my methods to others, and at an affordable rate rather than paying extortionate 1-2-1 coaching fees, and this is exactly what the FROM-TO formula is designed to do for you.


Just like me, you may be surprised to know just how many people and especially men, put on a brave face to the world whilst dealing with inner doubts. Feedback from successful business people in particular, who on the surface ‘had it all’ have demonstrated to me that all was not as it seemed to others and workload pressures, work-life balance, relationships, self-expectations as well as 'perceived' expectations of others, was making them question themselves, were they frauds, imposters or just in need of help to restore their once unbreakable confidence and self-belief?

My own situations, followed by further research, opened my eyes to just how far below the radar the subject of self-doubt and 'imposter syndrome' really is today and especially in the workplace, whether you be a ground level employee, manager or in fact a business leader.

It’s with this research in mind and feedback from the many beneficiaries of a pilot program I ran, that I decided to expand on an early version to launch this quick, easy, high impact solution in the form of a stand-alone condensed Mind Hack formula.

In business and any workplace in fact, we’ll meet with problems, challenges, situations, major roadblocks and especially people that will make us doubt ourselves and ‘stress us out'. Add to this, with excessive pressures from ever-increasing workloads, long hours or other demands placed on us, we can often feel that we don't have control and we begin to doubt ourselves. It’s therefore no wonder that worry and stress in the workplace just add fuel to our doubts and fears, e.g. according to the UK Government Health & Safety Executive, 15.4 million working days were lost in the UK last year due to workplace stress, depression or anxiety.

Added to this, the latest Mental Health Foundation study found that 74% of people have felt so stressed In the past year that they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. This was from a sample size of 4,619 respondents, the largest known study of its kind in the UK.

Furthermore, according to Gallup, nearly 80% of US citizens feel afflicted by stress, with more than half of these (44%) saying they frequently feel so stressed that they need help in learning how to manage it.

We therefore need to find quick and easy ways to build our mental resilience and levels of mental fitness to cope, manage and ideally, prevent doubt, worry, stress etc from taking an unwelcome hold on us in future.

Despite lots of discussion in boardrooms and within HR circles in particular, and acceptance that solutions are needed, few constructive suggestions have been made to solve the problem and help people to take more control of their own mental wellbeing: this rather unique FROM-TO mind hack formula has therefore been designed to help you do exactly that so you can take back control!

Psychiatrists or Clinical Psychologists would probably call this a Cognitive Behavioural Intervention, and it is that, but I prefer to keep it simple and call it an instant mind-shift formula because this is what it's done for those who've used it to date.


  1. An open mind and a sincere desire to take control of your thinking and emotions instead of having them control you.
  2. An acceptance that you hold more potential within your brain that is being realized and that it can be tapped into with the right know-how that helps overcome mental barriers.
Understand how the 'From-To' Formula works and be able to start creating and using your own templates for positive change.
Understand the key functions of the brain and why neuroplasticity is enabling people to make changes to how they can consciously and deliberately operate their brains to be more relaxed and productive.
Use or adapt these templates to create their own versions.

About the instructors

Reece Pye

Writer, Speaker & Facilitator on The Neuroscience of Mind Management & Creative Thinking / Author of Strong Minds
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Originally from humble beginnings, Reece has worked in, consulted, coached or led a wide range of businesses: from cutting edge high tech start ups that created industry firsts, mid size traditional businesses that went on to be sold to market leaders and as a senior advertising executive with Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 global information communication companies, where he led teams to grow revenues from zero to nearly £20m pa and were singled out for recognition with ‘Outstanding Contribution to Business’ awards! Throughout his career, he personally invested in the study of personal and professional leadership psychology to influence his own success but also, to learn how to effectively and ethically influence others, whether they be clients, people working above, alongside or under his leadership. What he teaches is what he's used - practical, workable principles for the real world today, things you can put into practice to make a positive difference in your career and life.

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