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Docker MasterClass: Docker, Docker Swarm for DevOps Professionals

Learn about Docker ecosystem, creating images, services, Docker Swarm and Compose.

Docker MasterClass: Docker, Docker Swarm for DevOps Professionals

Learn about Docker ecosystem, creating images, services, Docker Swarm and Compose.
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About the Class

Learn Advance Docker and Docker Swarm form experts.

Docker Training: Become Job Ready in Docker Containerization by learning the Docker Ecosystem, creating Docker images using Dockerfiles, Installing Ubuntu Linux, and CentOS Linux, Granting Docker Control to Non-root Users, Security, Orchestration, Network Configuration Files, etc. You will also get an exposure to industry based real-time projects in various verticals. 

What will you learn in this course?

  • Use Docker in your daily developer and/or sysadmin roles
  • Make Dockerfiles and Compose files
  • Build multi-node Swarm clusters and deploying H/A containers
  • Build a workflow of using Docker in dev, then test/CI, then production with YAML
  • Protect your keys, TLS certificates, and passwords with encrypted secrets
  • Keep your Dockerfiles and images small, efficient, and fast
  • Develop locally while your code runs in a container
  • Protect important persistent data in volumes and bind mounts
  • Lead your team into the future with the latest Docker container skills
  • Develop and conterize application for Docker.
  • Convert your application into a Docker application.
  • Manage data volumes using Docker and Docker Swarm.
  • Learn continuous deployment using Docker Swarm.

Why shall we learn Docker technologies:

Docker software is on the bleeding edge of technology today.  It is also one of the most compelling technologies of the last decade in terms of its disruption to software development, operations, systems architecture, testing, and compliance practices.

Docker is becoming a must tool for developers, containers, and the Docker’s approach gives you the opportunity to work without any need of dependencies. Docker allows developers to focus on the things which actually matter without worrying about the environment where the application runs. 

Tons of companies are using docker in production, today you have access to that same virtualization technology right on your desktop. 

Why DevOps skills?

  • Nowadays, DevOps engineers are in great demand in the IT industry. Companies are looking for developers who can both develop and deploy the applications.
  • The average salary of a DevOps engineer is about $140,000 per year in the Silicon Valley area, which is 20% higher than the salary of a software engineer.
  • Master DevOps Skills means you will be staying ahead in the competitive job market.

What will you do in this course?

  • Edit web code on your machine while it's served up in a container
  • Lockdown your apps in private networks that only expose necessary ports
  • Create a 3-node Swarm cluster in the cloud
  • Use Virtual IP's for built-in load balancing in your cluster
  • Optimize your Dockerfiles for faster building and tiny deploys
  • Build/Publish your own custom application images
  • Create your own image registry
  • Use Swarm Secrets to encrypt your environment configs, even on disk
  • Deploy container updates in a rolling always-up design
  • Create the config utopia of a single set of YAML files for local dev, CI testing, and prod cluster deploys
  • And so much more.



Anshul Chauhan

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Class Requirements

  • No paid software required - Just install your favorite text editor and browser on your device.
  • You should have local admin access to install Docker for Mac/Windows/Linux.
  • You should have a GitHub and Docker Hub account.
  • Knowledge of Git and Linux will be preferred but not required.

Class Contents

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 12 hours 16 minutes
62 Videos
7 Documents
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