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Whoever came up with this, quote, was having a bit of a laugh because I don't really miss my days as a parent of walking around pushing a pram at three o'clock in the morning. I know we've talked a lot about stress and body balances and so on. So it's probably not too surprising to the I'm going to recommend that you sleep well in terms of weight management. But how much sleep do we actually need? We all know people who live by the philosophy that hey, you get plenty of sleep when you're dead. And but with an attitude like that they're possibly trying to fulfill their destiny a little bit too early.

I found a really nice article in the Business Insider and it looked at famous or celebrity people who get less than average sleep each night. Not surprisingly, the Few politicians in there, including Margaret Thatcher, and Donald Trump. But what do other people perhaps a little bit better known for their health advice, say about sleep. So according to Dan Buettner, the author of Blue Zones, and the healthiest, happiest people in the world, get around seven and a half to eight and a half hours of sleep every night. Sleep is needed for growth hormone production, which is for growth and recovery needed for neuro function and detoxification. and lack of it can cause blood sugar dysregulation, mood problems, and an appetite control or lack of it.

Additionally, this 2011 research study suggests that lack of sleep influences pretty much every physiological function that we've talked about on the course so far. Now includes stress hormone levels, other kinds of hormones, insulin control blood sugar control, and therefore affects our weight. So what is the relationship between sleep and body fat? And you might have noticed that the politicians I mentioned earlier Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump, they don't exactly belong to the skinny punch. So lack of sleep probably doesn't do too many favors in that department. So back to the question, how much sleep do we actually need?

Most experts will agree with the Blue Zones philosophy that we need about seven to eight hours of sleep most days, but it doesn't have to all be at night. Because if you look at traditional cultures, and we still see it in the likes of Greece and Spain, and Italy siestas were quite a common thing to do. Sleep coach Nick was tool hills from sports. Coach calm suggests that we focus more on the cycles of sleep. Most of us as adults take 90 minutes sleep cycles. So if we have five of these in a night, that would mean about seven and a half hours of sleep.

Or, as he said, the alternative could be four cycles in an hour and in a sleep, which would be about six hours, plus taking an afternoon nap. So far, we've only talked about sleep quantity, but what about sleep quality? And a common scenario is for people to fall asleep but then they wake up during the night. And nutritionally something I observe a lot is people may consume too many refined carbohydrates and sugars for their dinner or after dinner. And we've already discussed blood sugar control. If blood Sugar Levels come up.

Insulin gets to created to drive them back down again. And then what happens when they come down? The hormone cortisol gets released so they don't get too low. Cortisol is the main hormone wakes us up in the morning when when cortisol levels spike the we generally wake up. So that's a common reason for somebody to wake up during the night. So think about if you suffer from a little bit of waking up during the night, have a look at what your you're eating and doing in the evening and see if you can change that.

Have you heard of blue light? It's gotten to research a lot lately. It's what we get from artificial lighting. And so most people are on their phones and iPads and TVs in the evening. My number one advice Well, my number two advice after the food is to switch shelf all electronic devices one hour before you you want to be in bed, go for a bath. Add some Epsom salts in there which helps you to relax maybe some lavender.

Essential oils, maybe some common melty read a bit, but an old fashioned book or a Kindle, but not an iPad. So these are a few extra things that you can try if that if sleeps a problem.

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