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Hormones are complex, and they're very prone to stepping out of balance in our modern stress filled by eating exercise deprived lifestyles. Hormones include the likes of sex hormones, stress hormones, blood sugar, regulating hormones, thyroid hormones. And I took that list I'm immediately going to put the blood sugar regulating hormones to the site, because we're gonna go in depth and blood sugar regulation later this week. Instead, with a very funky diagram, I'm going to explain the HP a access to you. It stands for hypothalamus, and P stands for pituitary. There are two little glands that sit in the base of the brain, which together are like the conductor of an orchestra.

In response to demand the release hormones that go to the gonads Which is over 1000 women and tested in the men, the adrenal gland, which is what it stands for an HPA and our thyroid gland in our neck. With too much of any one particular hormone has been produced. There'll be a negative feedback loop to the hypothalamus and pituitary to try and decrease their outflow. It's a lovely homier homeostatic mechanism. But there's one thing that gets in our way. And that's our mind.

If we have a deadline to meet if we need to do a training session, if we need to pick up the kids from school, it is culturally unacceptable to lie down in the middle of your office during your afternoon slump, then what happens is the higher centers of the mind, kick in and ignore these feedback loops and tell you to get out, get on with it. Nonetheless, on this diagram for tended the casinos that fly right on the corner are the children and hypothalamus and pituitary or the mom and dad. So it's a happy family, hopefully. But what happens when one kid is naughty, and that usually is the adrenal glands. It demands all the attention. What happens to the other two children, they become deprived of attention.

That's what's denoted by the arrows in this diagram, the adrenals are being pushed to heart and then the thyroid and the gonads don't receive enough input. And it's a very common scenario, especially when weight management is, is a concern, especially with sluggish weight. You know, people who are doing repetitive diets and it's not working anymore. It's because the thyroid or their sex hormone function is diminished, which can be a real problem and quite difficult to treat. Stress is bad for us. And this is a lovely picture that I refer to often and it's got a table that demonstrates the effects of cortisol, which is the main stress hormone on body composition, in terms of what to do about stress.

Well, that's coming up a bit later in the course. But for now, I'm going to give you a few tips about what you can do to keep your thyroid healthy. And you're going to tie your sex hormones healthy. nutritionally for direct thyroid health, I'd recommend the nutrients ITM Selenium and zinc. Where do they come from? Broccoli Of course, but also seaweed, pumpkin seeds, and Brazil nuts.

For healthy Eastridge in levels the first thing you have to do is avoid xenoestrogens as much as possible, there are no means foreign certs and chemicals that man has produced that has a similar effect in the To a student but it's much more powerful than a student. We get it in test the science, we get it in plastics, we get it in our drinking water. So we need to be very, very, very vigilant about then we sturgeons I'm meeting young men I was quite female type bodies with softer skin and higher percentage body fat fights with students. On the other hand, they that means plant II students, they have a soft tissue genic effect on the body and can actually be quite therapeutic. So for some women and even some men are recommend phytonutrients that come in the form of alfalfa sprouts. flax seeds can be quite effective green tea, and the most, the best known one is soya.

But not just any old soil like soy milk or top three or something has to be fermented sources. So miso is probably The best known one tempis another one that you can put in stock price. Now one of the worst things you can do for your hormones is what a lot of you're already doing to try and balance your weight. And that is under eat and over exercise. You're just going to diminish all your hormonal levels. And it's going to make to make it much much harder for you to lose body fat.

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