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One of my primary strategies when it comes to trying to shed some weight off somebody is to use a liver detox program, not a restrictive one or two week, juice fast, but you might be thinking, but removing manmade food and a few common food sensitivities for the period of three weeks. Plus add again a few nutrients that might be supportive to the liver. And if somebody loses in excess of one kilo per week during that process, then I know that that's an issue for them, their liver detoxification. Some common signs of liver sluggishness include weight gain, fluid retention, headaches, skin condition, and because the guts and the liver are like brother and sister, digestive problems are a big aspect of liver sluggishness. Here's a picture of you liver is the primary detox organ in our body, although all tissues have some capacity to detoxify. As you can see, there are two phases of detox, which essentially take fat soluble toxins and convert them into water, a water soluble form that can be excreted in the feces, urine, through the skin of sweat, and also through the lungs of water vapor, which is a reason why exercise is so important for detoxification.

So which nutrients Do we need, essentially, B vitamins, amino acids, which are the base unit of protein, and antioxidants, and examples of antioxidants include vitamin A, C, and E, certain minerals, and also some phytonutrients. So it's not just about what you take out of the diet. It's also but what to put in. I just want to mention that some people are very good teachers. toxic fires genetically and others are not, which can make a massive difference to health and weight management. Also, toxicity adversely affects thyroid function.

So there's another reason why you want to keep the liver and the body clean for reasons of health and weight management, and also energy. Okay, so which bits Do we need a joke not when I say broccoli. So if you remember one thing from this presentation, broccoli, check out this research study which is one of many that sings the praises of broccoli. We know the name of the compounds in broccoli that support detoxed and antioxidant status. And the research is even dare to link broccoli consumption to the avoidance of this key word. What's the word?

Cancer Of course, broccoli comes from a family called cruciferous or brassica vegetables. So other members Have the family and click cabbage. So your mom was correct cabbages actually good for your health. And then we've got cauliflower and kale. So if you're a pure detoxifier genetically, you should really be getting those into your diet every single day. In addition to broccoli when I see a genetic screen, somebody being a poor detoxifier I use a product which is a broccoli seed that's been sprouted and then powdered and put in a capsule.

So love it when you can just get good B supplements. Then we have the Allium vegetables and nuts, onion, garlic, leeks, sulfurous vegetables, and they're really important for detox as well. Some people unfortunately, don't tolerate them too well, which actually gives me some clues about their sulfur metabolism, which ironically, is a detox pathway. other foods are good for detox include the citrus family like oranges, And lemons, they're very cleansing to the body. And they also contain high levels of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant, which is good for detox. Also, if you're really brave, you can grate like lemon rind or orange uncoated fruit into stir fry or something as taste but also add something called limonene which is a phytonutrients that's been shown to support immunity and liver function and gallbladder function.

So that's a little culinary tip for you. On the topic of detox, look out for the nutritional Institute 21 day detox program. It should be coming soon.

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