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Siri Multitasks: Beginning Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

Learn basic, amazing shortcuts that’ll save you time, income, and help you become more efficient on your iPhone and iPad.

Siri Multitasks: Beginning Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

Learn basic, amazing shortcuts that’ll save you time, income, and help you become more efficient on your iPhone and iPad.
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About the Class

Imagine you're running late. But, you're calm when you say, “Hey Siri, ETA.” You know your virtual assistant has taken care of letting your mate know where you are and when you'll be home. You can relax. Siri saves you time.

Want to know a way to save money instantly? Like a money-saving hound, shortcuts will sniff out deals. By using this shortcut, I instantly saved $55. (See video in course about this.) Shortcuts help save you money. With Siri and shortcuts, you can speed dial, speed text, and make sure you don’t get speeding tickets.
Yep, that’s life with your own virtual assistant: Siri on shortcuts.
As you may know, shortcuts are like having Siri multitask for you.
Think you don’t need to use Siri?
Think again.

Siri on Shortcuts is like having a free personal assistant with you 24/7. Imagine if you had more help. How would your life be different? Siri can help you save time, money, and get you organized for free.
Here’s why.

Siri has been upgraded to do more for you than ever before, even multitask with one simple command. Get this. With all that, It's even easier than ever before with basic shortcuts course. And no programming involved.
You’ll be amazed at how fast, efficient, and fun Siri is!
You may think you can learn this on YouTube instead of a class?
Yeah, if you want to spare yourself the time and trouble?
With this highly-rated course, I take you by the mouse, and we go step by step. You’ll be able to amaze your friends using shortcuts right away.
You may think you don’t have time to learn this.
The videos are anywhere from 2 to around 5 minutes. As long as you’re waiting in line somewhere, or on a break, you can easily fit the videos in to have your new virtual assistant save you time.
Think about it. Even saving one minute a day, which this course can easily do for you, is 365 minutes a year, or over 6 hours.


Elaine Wilkes, Phd, Ma

Learn the Best Info in the Fastest Way — From a Learning Addict
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Elaine's has created online courses that have consistently earned and maintained the valued “highest-rated” badges from her thousands of students. Why her courses are so well received: Elaine has a high level of expertise in the subject matters of her courses, and presents them in a fun and easy to follow manner. It's the stuff you're gonna...

Class Requirements

You'll need an iPhone or iPad with iOS 12 or higher.

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 1 hour 17 minutes
26 Videos
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