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Day Trading for Beginners/Technical Analysis

Learn trading with simple tools to succeed in the markets.

Day Trading for Beginners/Technical Analysis

Learn trading with simple tools to succeed in the markets.
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About the Class

This course is designed to help new traders understand and breakdown the markets. So many traders don't know where to start when it comes to trading, here at learn to trade, we give you the keys fundamentally and technically, to start and propel your trading career. Too many people over-complicate trading. While it may have its battles and rough roads, we give you the keys to overcome those paths and become apart of the successful traders in the market.

What will you learn in this course?

  • What is day trading?
  • How to day trade stocks, and what day trading means?
  • Fundamental of Trading
  • The fundamental balance of trading and how we use it to our advantage. We use things such as short float, shares outstanding, relative volume, volume, volatility, and much more to get more of an idea from the markets.
  • Basics of Trading
  • We give you different types of basics you need to know and what techniques and approaches you need to come with when it comes to trading. Techniques that include two live trading strategies, how to manage risk, how to use the VWAP line on your charts, how to read a chart, candlesticks, difference in proprietary trading firms and retail traders, bullish and bearish, driving markets, and much more.
  • Psychology of Trading
  • The biggest game in trading is the mind. So many traders have the techniques of trading and how it works, but the biggest failure they have is the mind. We give you some of the biggest reasons why traders fail mentally and how to avoid it.
  • Research
  • Position sizing
  • FOMO
  • How to manage risk
  • Greed
  • Moving on
  • 2 Live Trading Strategies in The Markets (Trading Strategy)
  • How to go long is the most talked-about strategy in trading, and we break down a trade to show you how you profit and what going long even means? And how that ties in to being bullish in the markets? We implement the line strategy (a long type play) and the under VWAP pop and drop strategy (shorting strategy).
  • We go into the language of the markets, and how to get you in the right direction of becoming a successful day trader.


Josiah Pernell

Day Trader
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My name is Josiah Pernell! I have been Mastering and Improving my trading Skills for over 5 years. the one thing that I have noticed from Being a new Trader myself, was the fear and expectation of what it is to be a new trader. when I first saw a chart or a level 2, and even a time and sales, my mind went crazy to this new way of trading. when...

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour 29 minutes
26 Videos
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