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Case Study Exercise

Business Analysis 7 Easy Steps for Kano Analysis Types of Customer Requirements (as defined by Kano)
1 minutes
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Case Study. At the IMF bank, one of the key product is providing loans to corporate and non corporate organizations. One of the key requirement of every customer is that they want their loan application to be approved, and they want the money in the least time. As per market standards of five day time is appropriate for Ethan's team to approve or reject the loan application. From the day the customer submits all the documents. Another situation is that some of the organization's are on the IMF banks restricted list.

It is observed that if they inform these restricted customers that their loan application has been rejected after five days, because they were on the restricted list, these customers get angrier. The reason for their anger is always obvious they had to wait four or five days to just learn that they are on the restricted list of the IMF bank. If this information was available to them earlier, they wouldn't have even taken the efforts of applying for the loan, which is valid. Ethan has listed a bunch of his customer requirements. You have to read these requirements and help him classify them as basic performance or D lighters based on your understanding of the definitions. Would you please help Ethan in this?

Please go through the questions and click the correct option.

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