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Textured Mandala Painting

Learn how to paint mandalas with acrylic colors and textured background

Textured Mandala Painting

Learn how to paint mandalas with acrylic colors and textured background
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Welcome to the Textured mandala painting class. I am here to show you my art process of making mandalas and share with you some techniques of texture making and blending colors. Those two things are artistic skills that people admire the most when it comes to my art style.

In each video lesson, I demonstrate my art process.

I want to encourage you to try different approaches and take classes from various artists. This way, you will be able to explore what is possible and inside of that creative sandbox find what resonates with you. In the beginning, the only way is to copy and learn styles from different artists. Eventually, you will find real joy in art when you start exploring and inventing your art. You will discover your voice, translate everything you know to something of your own.

I am so excited to see your pieces of art. So please share what you create with me, you can tag me or use a hashtag #mysoulfulcreations on social media.

I wish you an amazing, creative time during these lessons. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me through DM's. I am approachable & very responsive.



  1. Simple paint brushes, any type
  2. Acrylic colors that are thick, vibrant, dense (I use Amsterdam, Maimeri, Liquitex, ArtCreation, in USA Golden colors have good reviews)
  3. For shimmer, I use metallic colors
  4. Palette knives
  5. Texturing tools
  6. Texture paste (light or heavy modeling paste by Liquitex, Vallejo, or homemade paste)
  7. Thick, well-stretched canvas on a wooden frame, pick a good quality (alternative: cardboard or wooden board)

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