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N & M Video Lesson

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Now let's look at in. We can also talk about m at the same time because some of the same mistakes are made with M. in an M are always voiced, so the vocal cords are vibrating. For in, the tongue tip touches the two threads, the same position that it gets into for D. But the tongue stays at the top of the mouth and blocks the air from exiting the mouth. The air cannot exit the mouth, so the air has to come out the nose. common error is to omit the end from the middle or end of a word. When it is in the middle of the word or the end of a word.

Hold the end longer and let it buzz. Don't make the end to quiet. Um, when I say in it's pretty loud The first word in each pair will end and an end. The second word doesn't have an end. Make sure they sound very different. Pon pa own.

Oh, mine. My when I say mine with an in mind you can feel your nose vibrating you feel lots of vibration inside of your head. Hmm mine. Lane lay seen See? So if I put my finger on my nose I feel the vibration for the scene with the N but not so much for the sea. No vibration in the nose.

Tune to bow down Koi coin for Fern, for the M, you put two lips together, so you close your mouth, then the air can't escape your mouth at all. The air is then forced out your nose. Um, make sure the M is also loud. Here's some words that ends with M. Come. Lame dime. When you have m at the end of the word and you put your finger on your lips, your lips will be vibrating diamond dime.

Now let's look at the end. In some it sentences tell me the plan over the phone. Did you say 15 or 50? download the application. Have you seen the new design 1999 That one's always really difficult for students. There are a lot of ends and that number make sure you say every single end nine teen nine d 919 99.

Our communication began in 1999. The icon will remain on the screen. You haven't logged in since 10. Warn me before you take action. maintain compliance with the guidelines

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