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Let's look at w. w is voiced. It's a vibrating, wah wah. It's produced by rounding and protruding the lips to create a partial closure of the mouth. What not only are my lips rounded but they are sticking forward protruding forward. Wow some words have a silent w pay attention wr Spelling's have a silent W. Wrong, right? rec.

W is also silent and words like who whole to. Don't confuse W and V for W To stay away from the lips, you are protruding your lips forward is far away from your teeth as you possibly can. For v. The top teeth rest on the bottom lip. So W and V are very different. In vi you're trying to make your teeth touch your lip, but in W, you're trying to keep your lips and your teeth very far apart. The first word in each pair will have a V and the second word will have a W. Pay attention to how different my mouth looks between the V and the W. veal wheel.

Very wary. vest, West vine wine Bic wick. So a common mistake is to say wick instead of wick. So if you don't round your lips and really work those lips, the teeth might accidentally touch wick WIC, and maybe you get something between a V and a W. And nobody knows what you mean. Wow. Wow.

Vers worse. The vice president has a wonderful voice. My advice on the sentences is to take some time on the V and W Don't try to rush the V or the W. The V is slow, let it vibrate. The W is slow. Spend time sticking your lip out. The vice president has a wonderful voice Victor At a wise investment, we are very wary of the service providers.

Now let's look at W clusters where w appears with another consonant right next to it. You still need to round and protrude your lips on the W cluster. dw dw placed the tongue behind the upper teeth. At the same time you round and protrude your lips, so you can prepare the D and the W at the same time. Then you'll release your tongue and your rounded lips at the same time. Dwight notice that my lips are rounds before I even start saying the D. Dwight Dwayne dweeb, dwarf dwell GW, you need to raise the back of your tongue to the top of your mouth for the G at the same time you round and protrude your lips for the W Wha?

Wha? Again, my lips are rounding before I even say the G. Y. GWEN guava, guacamole. Guatemala, Guam, k w. Queen, quiet. quota, quick cuivre quit quest query SK w squat. So the S doesn't want to be rounded so I would get the S out first and then start rounding your lips at the K Squat squat. Remember the spend time on the S before you start the kW?

Squat squat squander. Squeeze squeak square s w is tricky. You can try both ways try smiling for the s and then rounding for the W. And if you can, maybe you can make the s and the W both with rounded lips so either swap or swap, whichever one's easier for you. Swim, sweat sweet Swish, swore swine. t W. Place the tongue behind the upper teeth at the same time you round your lips for the W Then release your tongue and your rounded lips at the same time. Twin Twitter tweets.

So just because I'm protruding my lips forward doesn't affect my ability to make a tea at all. I can still bring my tongue up to the top of my mouth twerk 12 twine the quilt has many squares. When quit swimming, when she could no longer squeeze into her swimsuit. Swish your hips and twist them. The twins were squirmish Dwayne wear sweaters and sweatshirts. You also need a W two link a back vowel to another vowel.

So after a back long vowel, like long you long Oh are long oh you, you need to add a W before another vowel. This smoothens the transition between vowels and keeps you from sounding choppy cooperates. The two O's and cooperate are separate syllables. And we link them together with a W. Co Op. Co Op cooperate. fluent in EU when fluent and big us u s, u s ambiguous, actual wool, wool, actual, casual, dual, truest, conspicuous UFO, so even an acronym, when I have vowel to vowel linking, I need to add Wire A w u s so, so between the U which ends in a long u and the F, which starts with a short E, I put a w u s, not you F, that would be choppy, but us, UFO, iOS, it's not i o s, it's meant to be said quickly and very smooth i o s. So between the O and the s, I put a w o s. o s, and also between the I and the O we put a y which is in a different video lesson.

IOS do all children grow up so incredibly fast. So I could say that sentence in one breath of air and make it really strong Smith because I added a W between those vowels. Do all children grow up so incredibly fast. There's no other way to go on vacation. Do I throw all my photo albums away? Go under the water and find a yellow apple.

The new attorney has blue eyes. You also put a W after a long back Val and before an R or l after long you long Oh or long oh you put a W and a schwa sound before the R or l This makes your R or l much more noticeable. W after a long you newer sewer and those words I actually save a W you Not really silent. Newer sewer dual. tool pool fool. jewel.

Mule pool rule w after a long Oh, poor floor. Sure. Paul. Call ball go. Gold rule. Sol w after a long oh you power sour flour, coward owl towel bowel sour.

How vowel the war in the north for short. Only a fool would ignore the Lord. Mold was growing out of control in the bowl. The hot coal will keep us from getting cold in the north. He stole more than he could store. Okay w in it sentences Here we go.

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