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F & V Video Lesson

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Now let's study the F and V sounds. Both are produced by resting the top teeth on the inside of the bottom lip and exhaling. f makes a continuous hiss and V makes a continuous buzz. Notice how your lips are vibrating. The F is voiceless so it can be whispered. The V is voiced.

So it's buzzing and the vocal cords are vibrating. Real quick in the vowel before an F, and you'll extend the vowel before a V. We'll also learn the different ways that F and v can be spelled. First of all, don't omit or weaken your frv in the middle or end of a word. Make sure these two words sound different shelf, shell, leaf, Li. safe. Say and all of the words that end in F. You want to make sure you're holding the F a little bit longer than you think you should.

I find that most of my students don't spend long enough on the F. Love low surf. Sir tariffs, tariffs left lat we felt safe under the roof. Jeff staff refused to offer proof and laughed at us. They identified problems under the surface. Now let's compare V at the end of the word with no V at all. Again, you'll need to spend a little longer on the V then you think stove stove Make sure that your lip is vibrating.

Stove. stow. Save say this is something that could be harder to hear on a phone. If you're not very careful vibrating that V. Dove doe leave. Lee. We've we drive dry.

We survived 2012 eva is an above average student at Harvard University. We will watch television this evening. The excavation revealed a very advanced civilization. Now let's distinguish between f and V after a vowel. Remember the first word should be quick. And the second word that has a V in it will be more More extended, lift, lived knife knives.

Notice that with the long I open my mouth more for the eye when it's before a voiced consonant. knife, knives, rifle, rival safe, save love. loaves, half have leaf leave. Okay very important not to confuse v and w. These are commonly confused. For W. The teeth stay far away from the lips. The lips will round and protrude forward away from your teeth.

Wow. Wha the first word and each pair has a V but The second has a W. veal. We'll notice that for the V words I kind of smile to make the V. But for the W words I ran my lips like I'm kissing. What? They're very different veal wheels we'll very wary. vest, West vine wine.

Vic wick vow. Wow. vers worse. The vice president has a wonderful voice. So when I'm saying these v and w sentences, I'm using my lips a lot. I'm smiling.

They make the V and I'm rounding my lips to make the W make sure you exercise your lips a lot when you're saying these sentences. The vice president has a wonderful voice. Victor made a wise investment. We are very wary of the service providers. David cleverly invested in innovative mobile devices. We have servers that live up to high level privacy standards.

The overall revenue has improved. Click Save as on the File menu. Identity theft is one harmful effect of phishing. The archive offers free universal access. we've verified, clarified and classified the information we will strive to be more effective and efficient in the future. This it vendor has several advantages over the other one.

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