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S & Z Video Lesson

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S and z are two more tricky consonants. Let's learn the rules for them. Both s and z are produced by placing the tip of the tongue just below the two threads at the top of the mouth. You don't touch the top of the mouth but you keep the tongue just below it and exhale. voiceless s makes a continuous hiss. Make sure you have a good support of breath behind that exhalation.

Voice to z makes a continuous buzz. It should be very loud If you cover your ear, you're going to feel some vibration. Do not add a short eat before an S as in a school instead of school. If you have a problem with putting a short e before an S as in a school, try this. Try regrouping the syllables to put s at the end of the previous word such as miss school, then you won't be able to put the short in front of it. Study not a study.

Try this. I study. I study Spanish, not a Spanish. Try this. In Spanish in Spanish speech not speech. Excellent speech, excellent speech, specialty.

Not a specialty square. Not a square. squirm, not a squirm. Don't squirm sounds like don't squirm. Now let's distinguish between S and z after a vowel. Remember to extend the vowel before z, but quickened it before an S. The first word in each pair will end in an S and second, we'll enter the Z face phase.

Also, pay attention to how long we're holding the SNC. It's a little bit longer than many of you may think. If you don't hold it long enough, someone may not hear it at all. So spend a little time on your ex and your z at the end of a word. Life Lies bass buzz cost caused purse purrs loss laws. Okay now let's look at the rules for how to pronounce s or z.

If we have plurals third person singular is or possessives s after a voiceless consonant, but not ch sh or S is pronounced s. testes gets hertz, books, makes stops, serfs s after a voiced consonant, but not j or Z is pronounced z. So, s doesn't always sound like an S. It's often pronounced z reads the D at the end of read is a voiced consonant. So the s that follows it needs to sound like a z. It's logical, because if the D is voiced, we want to maintain that voicing for the following sound reads colleagues, comms lives, drives, designs users meetings. s after a vowel sound is pronounced the Z because the vowels are voiced, so the S following it should sound like a z news fees, salaries. byes resumes days.

Rose when you have s after an S s ch ch, S or Z, the S will sound like an i z is, there will be an extra syllable manages. Manage ends in a j sound. So we add the extra syllable. I z after it manages, changes, stashes. Make sure you're adding an IC and not an i s. It's not status. It's stashes actually a few say stashes, there's a good chance no one will understand you.

In Rich's teaches, Charles is James's. Now when a noun or verb ends and an s sound, we still need to add an eye z. So you're gonna get a sound says si z at the end of the word, services, resources. Make sure you don't say resources or resources. There's an F fi z resources, boxes, facts, faxes, the x is a k s sound. So you still have an si z.

Focus focuses. Decrease, decreases, guests guesses, reduce reduces. He manages two offices and sees clients every day. He arranges meetings and meets with colleagues. He focuses on his tasks and gets things done. When he amasses more money, he'll owe more taxes as supply increases.

As demand decreases, okay, we're gonna look at some more spelling rules for predicting whether you need an S or a z. First of all, some words have a noun and a verb form, and their pronunciation changes depending on whether they are a noun or a verb. nouns or adjectives ending in an s sound will sound like an S, but verbs ending in an S will sound like a z. The first word in each pair is a noun or an adjective. But the second word is a verb. Close to close.

Excuse to excuse advice, to advise, choice to choose. House To House loss To lose he doesn't want to abuse drugs, so he gets help for his drug abuse. They have a guest house to house their guests. Please excuse me for not having an excuse. He made an excellent choice before he shows me the following spelling combinations make an s sound. See?

Ice price. Insurance since face ci also makes an s sound. accident. decision. circulate acid see why makes an s sound. Lucy Lacy fancy juicy x plus a consonant, unstressed vowel Or final x also makes an s sound excavate.

When I say x, there's an ek s excavates. That's because the x proceeds a C which is a voiceless consonant. exceed. Exhale, axle. an axle. The L e makes a u l sound, which is an unstressed vowel, axle.

Expire. Expert expect extreme extra. Next, elixir toxic fix. There's a few exceptions where we make an asset Sound instead sexual luxury, complexion. PS set the beginning of a word also makes an s sound the P is silent. Psychology, pseudo.

Som. When we have a consonant plus s he will have an s sound. Course. worse. Disperse horse expense. When you have a cc plus and ay ay ay ay ay ay er y, you'll have an SM.

Accent. Except. So the first C is like a K, and the second C is like an S. accident. Success, except accessory. Exceptions would be our Italian words like bachi, soccer, cappuccino, SC makes an s sound, a cent descend. Miscellaneous seen science.

Two s's make an s sound less than success. dress. And of course, s by itself makes an s sound, soft, small sweets. some exceptions are the days of the week. Tuesday has a z sound. Wednesday, Thursday lens.

Okay the following spelling combinations make a z sound x plus a stressed vowel. The X will make a Gz sound, not a k x When the X is followed by a stressed vowel examine example, exact exist. Executive exuberant exceptions are words that end in a suffix ation at IO n, the a is stressed, but the X will have a k s sound, taxation relaxation. When you have s between two vowel sounds, it will be a z. Music reason disease easy resign present physician position positive Visit exceptions would be resources. Another exception is when the syllable after the S forms a suffix or third person plural veces places houses bussing curiosity and in these two words we have z h instead of the Z, Ambrosia corrosion for that z h round your lips, corrosion twosies make a z sound puzzle and exception is pizza.

It has twosies but there's no z sound at all. Instead we have a Ts pizza. And finally, if you have a z all by itself well It sounds like a z zipper. Crazy. razor. Here's some other words that have z and you just need to memorize them.

Has was is these those whose goes does always lose cause because choose phase, T's, res and crews. Some of those are really common words. The s can be silent Watch out. I'll Island debris, Arkansas, Illinois let's try some s clusters that's where we combine s with another consonant. Don't forget to spend some time on the s the S is a continuous sound you need To spend some time letting the air come out your mouth before you worry about the next consonant. sk, you'll need to roll the tongue from the front to the back of the mouth.

Sky. Scout, ask. risk. sk er. You'll need to pull your tongue backward at the end. Scream, scrape, scratch.

Sl. You'll need to smile for the L. Fly. Slick, slow slam. Sn you'll need to exhale through the nose for the end. Snow, snack. sneeze SP the P will stop the sound spy.

Notice I spend some time on my s before I get to that P spare speed, spot grasp. SPL Don't forget to smile for the L splash splice split an st st is a tricky one, you need to spend some time on the s and then quickly interrupt it with a T. This is my tongue striking the top of my mouth for the tea and quickly releasing stuck. Student state storage West passed. str you'll need to round your lips and pull your tongue backwards. For the our stride, stretch, notice that I start rounding my lips even before I say the st. stride. Strange, street extreme and Ts MTS.

You'll make a held tea and then an S. So your tongue will look like this. grits, grits and the tea and grits. My tongue touches the top and I don't release it until I get to s. It's very important that the tongue moves up quickly quits. If it's not quick, you won't feel the T held T is a quick feeling states. Let's start starts floats. Let's try sts you start with an S and then you interrupt it with a T and then continue with the s. So it's like this.

The tongue will quickly touch the top of the mouth and quickly release. Just interrupting the s. tests. Tastes. rests. Finally, SW, round the lips and push them forward for the W. sweat. swell, swim.

Here's a tricky cluster dz stop the airflow at the two threads for D and then quickly release for the Z. kids, kids scenes rides bids. Okay finally SNC and some it sentences choose access to many lists and thousands of bids. The advertisers use ads to plant seeds in the minds of consumers. reads the news and a business magazine. Zack found a position at the organization. He designs games for kids.

And users easily use the browser and other services. The processor speed is increasing. The code analysis scans and finds defects or bugs. The faster processor can handle extremely large numbers. The offices spyware license expires soon

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