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NG Video Lesson

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Finally, the very last consonant in this lesson in G. In G is a separate consonant. It is not related to in n g, it is completely separate. The n g is always voiced, so the vocal cords are vibrating. Um, the back of the tongue touches the top of the mouth, just like it does for the g sound. g sounds like gah, gah, I let the air out of my mouth for the G. But if I leave the tongue at the top of my mouth, and then I try to exhale, the air is forced out my nose. Um, don't replace mg at the end of a word with an end.

The first word in each pair ends in an N g, but the second word ends in an end. Make sure that They sound very different. In the first word that ends in energy, you use the back of your tongue. And in the second word that uses an end, you use the front of your tongue. King Qin. Wrong.

Ron. Notice that when I make the MG, I smile more to help access the back of my mouth. Wrong. Ron. gain, gain, win, win, sign Sung, son and don't add a G to the end of your energy. So we do not say King it's just King.

There is no g at the end so no air ever comes out your mouth King If a word ends in an mg has a suffix such as ERINGEDY or abl E, the pronunciation usually stays mg and not in G plus G. So ring becomes ringer. It is not ringer, there is no g just ringer and ring also becomes ringing. It is not ringing. Just ringing. Ring also changes to rain and wrong. The word hang becomes hanging.

It is not hanging, just hanging. Hey hang also becomes hangar or Hang it is not hanger it is hanger. I hang my clothes on a hanger. Exceptions are words that have long longer has a G longer. It's an N g plus a G. The same with longest it also has a G those are the exceptions. If the syllable after the end G is not a suffix, but part of the root of the word, then you will say n g plus g. So, in the word anger, the ER is not a suffix, it is part of the root of the word.

So, we say n g plus g anger. It is not anger. We also say English we say finger and linger with a G. Angle dangle jungle Jingo, single shingle. Sometimes in G Spelling's are pronounced in plus j. If you have a spelling in G at the end of a word or in G er, or any of the other spellings listed here, you'll have an n plus j sound. Angel.

So it's not angle. It's Angel. Engine. Danger, tangent, tangible when a word has an nk and the special It will sound like in G plus K. Junk monkey tank bank function. Finally, in G and it sentences he's choosing a song for his ringtone. Search Marketing is gaining traffic from search engines.

How does the junk email function work? Let's stop the system from hanging or freezing. We're designing tangible user interfaces. Next strain is a problem among computer users. You type the wrong password.

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