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P & B Video Lesson

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Learn to distinguish between P and B at the beginning, middle and end of a word.


Let's look at the consonants P and B, which often get confused. P is a voiceless consonant, so it could be whispered. If my vocal cords are not vibrating, I can whisper but B is voiced. So the vocal cords are vibrating ba, ba, p requires a tense or firm lip closure B requires a more relaxed lip closure. Let me show you the difference. Here's P. Make sure I press my lips very close together and tightly so that the air will be forced out of the mouth.

Now with B I don't need as much air coming out of my mouth, so I don't have to press my lips together as tightly But at the beginning of a word key produces a strong puff of air. The lips firmly pressed together must Park quickly. So I'm holding back air behind my lips, and then I'm suddenly releasing lots of air. B produces a mild puff of air. Bah, bah. Try holding your hands in front of your mouth.

And notice the difference in air quantity that comes out. A lot of air, very little air. In the final position of a word both P and b are produced with less force, like in the word tap. When I say tap, I don't feel much air coming out of my mouth on the P Tap, tap or tap tab. Now to make the difference between the P and B, that depends on the length of the vowel that we put before it. Clicking the vowel before the P, so that the voice vowel will not bleed into the P. Stretch out the vowel before the B to allow the vocal cords to bleed into the B.

Some words have a silent p p is silent with p n. p s. And PT Spelling's pneumonia psychology pterodactyl received some words also have a silent B be silent and MB and BT Spelling's comb, num doubt, plumber. Subtle. Now let's distinguish between p and B at the beginning of a word. Remember fresca lips together more firmly for p released the lips quickly. So, a puff of air explodes out of your mouth. The first word in each pair will have a P, while the second word has a B.

Remember, the common mistake is to make a B instead of a p at the beginning of a word pair bear pi by pole bull, Pat bat pay Bay peak peak pest best plaque lack pore bore pressed breast paste Based pitch bit par bar here, beer, pop, bop, pug, thug, PC, B, C. Now let's make sure that you're able to hear the difference between a P and the B at the beginning of a word. Because if you can't hear the difference, it'll be even harder to produce the difference. So I will say two words and you tell me if they're the same or different. For example, if I say, pie, by then you would say different. But if I say Pie, pie, then you say same. pie by pool ball.

Pat's bat. Peak, peak pest pass past black, black based paste. par par pop, pop, beer, beer bug pug. How did you do? Sometimes it's hard to hear the difference, especially if you didn't grow up listening to the difference between p and B when you're a young child, so you may need some extra practice. Listening now to develop that keen sound discrimination skills.

Remember, you can always pause and rewind this video to practice more. Now let's try P and b in the middle of a word. Stretch out the vowel before a B, but it will seem more subtle than when the B is at the end of a word. Apple amble stopping, sobbing, simple symbol, staple, stable, ripping, ripping repel rebel. Bobby, Bobby, let's try some sound discrimination practice. Tell me if the words are same or different.

Stopping, stopping symbol, symbol. symbol, symbol. staple, stable. ripping, ripping, ripping, ripping rebel, rebel, rebel, Rebel How did you do? Now let's try the P and B at the end of a word and after a vowel remembers stretch out the vowel before a B, but quickly In the vowel before a key, rip, rim cup, come eight. A.

Notice that I didn't say it. There's not a strong puff of air at the end. We know it's a P and not a B because we say that a quickly a, take your time when there's a B afterward as an a rope, rope, pop, pub cap, cab, lab, lab, cop calm. Another common mistake is to delete the P in a consonant cluster, bump, bum. So when you say bye Make sure the P is there. Bump.

Reception recession. Some speakers confuse p with F. The F is made by putting the upper teeth on the bottom lip. So when you're trying to make the pee, keep your teeth away from your lips. Pig. fig here. Fear plaque, flak pair fair.

Fly, fly. Pork fork, clip, Cliff cup cuff. Now let's look at the P and b in some it sentences With the press of a button, the portable PC buyer can upgrade the program. Take the opportunity to expand the global business plan blueprint. Burt is a powerful business person with the capacity for persuasion. It equipment can manipulate computer data.

The beginning of the opera was disappointing due to poor reception. The popular politician gave his opinion at a public appearance. The developers can decrypt the data and debug the software. The programmer will not buy an apple computer. Make a backup in case the power supply fails.

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