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CH & J Video Lesson

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Now let's study ch and J. The ch is voiceless so it could be whispered. The j is voiced so the vocal cords are vibrating. JOHN, the CH has a firmer contact than the J does. For the CH and J, you touch the middle of your tongue to the middle of the top of your mouth. And that helps if you round your lips, Chuck jaw.

After you touch the top of your mouth, you quickly release. That's when the air comes out and the sound is made. Cha Cha. At the beginning of the word, the CH makes a very strong puff of air. Chuck, you can feel the air on your hand. Jay produces a mild puff of air.

Joe. I barely felt any air. Ch has six different spellings. We're going to learn them during this lesson. First of all there ch that's easy. Chapter chop Then there's Tch, which stitch?

Then there's ti, confidential, exponential question. A lot of people forget to put the CH and question. There's definitely a CH in that word, digestion. suggestion. May I make a suggestion is dying from exhaustion. How can we control network congestion?

Then there's tea you also makes a CH sound, feature, pasture virtual. Some words have a K and a CH right next to each other picture. If you say picture instead of picture, you'll have the wrong word. Make sure you put in the K on picture. Actual factual manufacture the following words have k s TH sound that's a lot of consonants stuck together. mixture.

Fixture. Do not expose your phone to excessive moisture. Colleges look at contextual data for admissions decisions. Finally, there's C. It's an Italian form that makes a CH sound, cello. Francesca. One more.

There's tr which actually makes a CH R sound. Try trade transfer trust. True. Travis wishes to transmit data to the central computer. We need to attract trustworthy partners. You can retrieve your electronic ticket receipts.

So the J can be spelled in eight ways. First of all, there's just Jay that's easy. Major jack Jones. a jack of all trades. JOHN has a job. Okay, the next spelling is GE that also makes a j sound age, lunge, surge.

Notice that I am rounding my lips at the end of all these words to make sure I say that j sound. Rounding my lips helps the middle of my tongue get to the middle of the top of my mouth, purge. And in these words with J in the middle, you're still gonna see me rounding my lips in the middle of the word. Gorgeous, courageous, outrageous, manageable advantage. The changes are not outrageous and should be manageable. She's gorgeous for her age.

The next spelling that makes a j sound is gi, religious, collegiate. contagious he attends a prestigious collegiate Academy, he studies the origins of religion. The next spelling that makes a j sound is d g, Judge, badge. Download cutting edge widgets, acknowledge your budget, bridge the gap. Next we have the DI spelling soldier cordial. The soldier greeted us cordially.

And there's the D us spelling procedure, graduate education individual. This spelling causes students a lot of problems. A lot of people don't make the J here so be careful. Don't be like everybody else make the J on the D you schedule residual. He earns residual income. The schedule outlines the procedure and sometimes a G before An e i or y makes the J sound.

Gem. germ shell. Giant Jim. Engineer what a giant gymnasium. He's a genetic engineer. The Gypsy wore many gems.

Finally we have the spelling Dr. Which will sound like Jr. drastic hundred. quadrant children. The cathedral attracts hundreds of visitors a day. He saved the draft for his Android. Don't confuse the CH with T. Ch uses the middle of the tongue but T uses the tip of the tongue.

Ch will have rounded lips but T will not charter charter chair terror. Chure tore each beat patch pack, Chad tore the seat of the chair, the chief beat us to the beach. Don't confuse see it with ZH. The ch has the middle of the tongue quickly touching the top of the mouth and releasing the Z h has the middle of the tongue almost touching the top of the mouth but it never gets there. And the air continuously releases through the mouth. Lecture leisure which which, just so you know, which is not a word.

Don't confuse j with z h. occasion. occasion ledger ledger Your Legion Legion. Pleasure, pleasure. message, massage garbage garage, sends me a message about the massage. store the garbage in the garage. The special occasion was held at a Cajun restaurant.

Don't confuse the J with z either fudge fuzz college call is. So for the J while you're using the middle of your tongue. For z, you're using the tip of your tongue. It's coming very close to the top of your mouth, but it doesn't quite touch it and the air exits. So j uses the middle of the tongue and z uses the tip of the tongue. Don't confuse them.

Education, not education. Okay. Let's distinguish between ch and j after a vowel. Again the vowel before a CH will be pretty quick, but the vowel before j will be more extended. Rich Ridge, batch, badge, etch edge purge purge, the rich man lived on the ridge. Edge the picture near the edge of the paper, we saw a large large tree.

Notice for large and large that my mouth opens a lot more for large than it does for large. That's because when you have a AR before a voiced consonant, you'll open a lot to a short position. Law large that when you have a are before voiceless consonant as enlarge. You only open Midway through a short you position, large. Okay, finally let's use the CH and j in some it sentences. It's projected to become a fortune 500 company.

As I'm saying these sentences pay attention to how much lip rounding I'm doing every time I make a ch er J. That's how you become very clear. They make cutting edge digital technology. We are facing data storage challenges. What are the dangers of modular technology? project driven teams must consider risk management.

Digital images are stored on the hard drives. A test fixture was set up to control electronic signals. What are the virtual attributes? employees cannot be transferred arbitrarily. The actual schedule may change Change

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